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Search for 2 missing firefighters intensifies

The frantic and desperate search for Brian McCluney and Justin Walker escalates after the pair vanished during a fishing trip off the coast of Florida.

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  1. The wife's supposed to be very worried why she smiling like nothing happened

  2. Now it’s 105,000 sq miles… more coverage of this would be great…

  3. Inshore-play all you want, but NEVER that far Offshore without a plb, Personal Locator Beacon. We've worked Search and Rescue over 30 years now, and it's a shame people won't spend the $250 on the beacon. They make them for boats and life vests. After 48 hours in that water it becomes very Grimm at best. And also, those boats are JUNK!!! They should be better eqipped for emergency floatation, a simple solution but the manufacturer won't do it. Remember the old TV commercials of the Ranger Bass Boat in the middle of the lake and the guy standing in it starts up a chainsaw and cuts the boat completely in half, and both halves float! That's a measly $500 of Marine Grade Spray-in Foam. That's ALL that these new $50k to $250k boats need to keep from sinking, but the cheap manufacturers won't spend the few extra bucks to make it completely safe…….. until the Coast Guard eventually wakes up and Demands it before certification.
    Boat Tow US is also well familiar how cheaply these junk boats are assembled, infuriating to search and rescue……..

  4. THE CLINTONS? They probably ended up in JEFFREY Epstein island.

  5. The wife is obviously in denial and trying to avoid completely melting down. It’s obvious she is shitting her pants about her husband on the inside. Y’all can’t read people. She is not happy

  6. Rich people problems. Not normal people issues

  7. So if someone goes missing without ever being found, does the life insurance ever get cashed out, or does there have to be physical evidence of the individual being Dead?

  8. Gps tracking in boats
    Smart phone ping

    Hope they find them alive

  9. Every interview she is smiling and giggling, just find that odd. Her husband of 2 kids is missing at sea for 6 days now. A lot of comments below about "Insurance Policy".

  10. Definitely looking for a needle in a sunken haystack…

  11. The Pick-up truck looks safer than that tiny fishing boat… Engine
    failure and 4 or 5 foot waves with the "right" frequency at the "right"
    angle will have you capsized unfortunately.

  12. can satellite images be used to help find missing fishermen ?

  13. So he goes on fishing trip and his buddy goes every time hmm I was wondering if that Justin has crush on him and told him and he got beat for it

  14. The wife seems a lil to happy 🤷‍♀️ hope they find them safe

  15. I’m from Florida, that small boat should never leave intercostal…..dumb

  16. Why would 24 people give a thumbs down?

  17. I guess they were too cheap for satellite phone's or GPS….

  18. They have each other forever now.

  19. They were and are definitely having an affair they now live in Brazil together lol

  20. Praying for those men to come back safely

  21. Please save those white folk. This is horrible. Things like this shouldn't never happen to pure white skin angels.

  22. I wonder if they forgot to put the plug in before launch

  23. Science kill there insides and out till I get true promish

  24. I bet a dollar he killed the dude cause he demanded the boat or lawsuit. Dude will show up in a few days, motor issues and alone.

  25. Last seen playing with each other's firehouses.

  26. somolia pirates got them or the mexican cartel or the Iranians got them just saying no wreckage no sign of them they were taken

  27. If his father just died that mean you still grieving or he suicidal that's the only thing you could tell I'm sorry to say but it can be true

  28. Prayers for the men and their families, hope they come back safe.

  29. They ran away together. They don't want to be found.

  30. Husband is missing and wife is just happy to be on TV. SMH

  31. Seriously though, I hope they're OK.

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