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SEATED Cardio Toning HIIT | 35 Minute High Intensity Body Shaping + Weight Loss Workout in a CHAIR

Level THREE | LIGHT dumbbells | NO load bearing | BURN 275 – 325 calories

You don’t have to stand up to get a great workout! We’re doing non-load bearing exercises performed at high intensity for maximum weight loss and body shaping results in just over 30 minutes. Use a CHAIR or stability ball for CARDIO without standing and your lightest weights for TONING with this fun and fast-paced HIIT routine.

Warm Up:
Mobility work (repeat 3x):
Arm Circles
Arm Crossers
High Knees
Knee Openers

Interval timer is set for 20 seconds; complete the pair before resting; repeat the circuit 5x (first and last rounds are unweighted)

Frog Reaches + Forward Hinge Arm Flappers
Punch Up Punch Outs + Swinging Kicks
Double Knees + Alley Oops
Side Bends and Raises + Bent Over Punches
Reach Across + Windmills
Toy Soldiers + Star Bursts

Forward Hold Running Knees + Overhead Hold (repeat 3x without rest)

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  1. New to exercise? 😅 Get STARTED with my FREE 14-day exercise plan specially designed for beginners. It's fast, fun + effective:

  2. Fantastic! I'm usually a runner and gym user but I'm recovering from foot surgery right now. It's so good to find a way of raising my heart rate and working up a glow like this. I sat on a swiss ball for the workout, which was mostly dignified apart from the noises from my backside when swivelling from side to side for the Allez-Oops. Thank you!

  3. You're really great and lively but the beeping is very distracting.

  4. Have been looking for the perfect seated workout. This was it!!! Thank you 😊

  5. I am having fun working through these seated workouts. They are tough. By the end of this one, I wasn't sure I liked you very much anymore by the time I was done with the finisher. 😉 It kicked my booty. This was tough, and I definitely know that I have worked out. And… I always appreciate and adore the one leading the workout. Have a great day.

  6. These workouts are timeless! Fun, challenging and your sneaking in that last round. Yep, I'm sweating BIG time. LOL

  7. Great workout but she talks tooooo much! Drove me nuts.

  8. Loved this workout. I have a fractured foot and this helped to keep me sane 🙂

  9. Pahla, I did this workout yesterday and LOVED it! Especially the weights. Are there more workouts like this? I sprained my foot and have to wear the Velcro shoe. Thank you!!

  10. I am still in the boot, and am so grateful for your chair workouts! This one is a keeper! Loved it! Thank you, Pahla B.

  11. I have terrible lower back pain from just standing. This is a perfect cardio workout during covid-19.

  12. I noticed you have a tattoo. What is it?

  13. Good all around workout. Thank you, Pahla!

  14. i feel a bit out of place here as i tend to associate seated exercise with seniors, but this is great for me right now as i’ve just injured my ankle and lower back. thank you!!

  15. Thank you had to come to terms with plantar fasciitis issues so I can't jog anymore this is what I needed 🎶🤗❤😘🎼

  16. I have hypermobility in my knees so my knees tend to dislocate. It's hard to exercise so I only ever bike and swim but since I can't go to school, I can't use the school gym and I can't go swimming due to corona. I also broke my ankle in January so my ankles still recovering, I've also been doing seated cardio for a while but I need a higher intensity version so hoping this works out well for me.

  17. I have been doing online videos for a very long time and absolutely love the fact that the internet makes this possible. Because of injuries I needed to alter my fitness routine and found you! Lucky me :). Your enthusiasm is contagious. For me though I felt I missed some of the important information (things like how to do an exercise, which muscles you're using, what to avoid – that sort of thing) because you are so enthusiastic you don't pause between sentences.

  18. I really liked how you went through the exercise without weight first…lots of sweat..loved it!

  19. I did this yesterday and really enjoyed it. Am a bit bemused by the fact that my glutes are killing me after it🤣🤣🤣

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