Tuesday , January 19 2021
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Seattle-area program will pay victim restitution using taxpayer dollars

Seattle-area program will pay victim restitution using taxpayer dollars. Fox News Contributor Deroy Murdock reacts.

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  1. Someone in Seattle is trying to get also, an ´Emmy’ on poor management.
    No wonder the state motto is ‘bye and bye’ ! 😂

  2. If this is a blm response. It seems like we have become to concerned of fighting others battles. Im not racist in any way and dont even consider race until its debated or protested. But why does society feel need to join others battle? Would they join yours if called upon? Or would it be more of its us to blame for all of their problems and not hitch their wagons to our battle? As many have hitched their wagons to their current scirmishes. Ask yourself if you know that your going to battle with others that would join yours

  3. Seems kinda like taxpayers will be robbing peter to pay paul.or paying paul because peter robbed. Talk about being forced into middle by state playing both sides. Im not even sure if its in the cities best financial interest for there to be more or less crime. And if crrime does goes up would the city have the odacity to use it as leverage for budget shortages? We have had unforseen spikes in crime and therefore have to difficult financial decisons ahead as to what to cut spending on. But we must remain unified to stop any potential inconvieniances of our states criminals.

  4. I'm in Spokane and I will never spend a another dollar in Seattle. How could policies like this even be brought up? WTF

  5. Maybe Fox and Lou Dobbs should report on Robert Obriens use of all those hard earned tax dollars to take a made for elites tour of Europe until news was learned of a new hack/ attack on govt.computers,banks treasury dept.and possibly many other entities.Lame duck NSA advisor takes his eye off the ball and gets a fillup of tax dollars on the way out.

  6. Not a problem. Long as you empty the pockets of the Washington leaders first. We’ll cover the remainder

  7. You have to be joking.
    More theft of our tax $.
    We need to quit paying taxes untill they remove the corrupt democrat mayers & governors.
    They were offered help and refused it.

  8. The democratic party is literally owned by China. Look around the world
    and see what is currently happening in places like Australia, Africa, South
    America, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the EU. Their hidden agenda is to make it impossible to
    manufacture anything here so that all that is left is China. And
    newsflash, there are no enforced environmental regulations or laws in
    China. They made up a
    pandemic to slowly day by day strip you of your rights and freedom, and
    as a distraction to the overthrow of democracy right before your eyes.
    They want you to live drugged up 24/7 on prescription pills subservient
    to whatever they say on your computer. They already own and control
    everything you hear or say on your computer. Do not question. Fear.
    Obey. Conform. Wake up. We are living in 1984.

  9. Everyone in seattle has aids disease, contagous disease, enjoy your starbucks!

  10. These people are all sick. They are intentiionaly spreading AIDS IN THERE CITY!

  11. California, Oregon and Washington are beautiful states with the shitiest governments you can think of…

  12. If you can't feed your family just rob the nearest politician… problem solved.

  13. The forsworn traitors of the Fake-GOP in Congress and around the nation have abandoned their decency, honor, dignity, and integrity and chosen allegiance to the deranged conman, Trump, over democracy and the Constitution. They are inciting an armed uprising of their brainwashed base and even threatening secession from the US!

  14. Bitcoin is the feature investing in it now is the wesest thing to do now especially the current rise

  15. MORON democrats can pull the money out of there own deep pockets they can’t run a city let alone the US.

  16. No tax money for this go after them parents grandparents they are responsible for this mess make them fix it rebuild it if they can't pay use labor. We're not socialist or will we be you break it you pay for it

  17. LOL Everyone that votes democrat deserves this along with all that's still coming for you from these scumbag politicians.

  18. The damages done along with theft from this past summer = you’ve already been more than compensated!!!

  19. Just leave everything up to the hard working people, to take care of the deadbeats.

  20. Omg what is with Seattle!

  21. Make sure that if events happen in June there is restitution also.

  22. Watch Seattle on the 14th of june

  23. Give us Puerto Rico and dump Washington, Oregon, and California.

  24. They've destroyed all the business so who has money left to tax?


  26. Why do you think Pelosi and her cohorts are holding up stimulus??…they want to bail out her Dem States with our money. How bout Pelosi and her friends foot the bill, after all their the millionaires.. ten times over!!

  27. Some of us know what really needs to be done.

  28. The local govt has no right to use tax money to cover CRIMINALS debts.

  29. Everyone Leave or Fight Back

  30. Dem can't create jobs so they solve problems by just taking money from the ones who work and give to the ones who don't want to work, no surprise here.

  31. Bet taxpayers in Seattle are mad..they are the ones who lost businesses now they have to pay for the damage

  32. When Seattle runs out of Tax-payer's money they will DEMAND Federal Money, most of which will be used to buy Pricey Ice Cream like whats done in San Francisco

  33. Who’s paying this? As a taxpayer I would not

  34. isnt this what many conservatives talked about?


  36. Europeanization, you'll have 60% taxes and a permanent 40% unemployed mooch layer in about 2 decades everywhere

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