Seattle Public Schools sues social media companies

The Seattle school district alleges Facebook, TikTok and other social media outlets contribute to a youth “mental health crisis.” KING’s Julie Calhoun reports.

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  1. I just saw on FOX News that 67% of teenage female Amphibians are depressed and the big tech elites knew from their own research that those platforms and social media sites were destroying their morale and self esteem. I’m Gen X (75) and I’m certain that 67% of the girls I grew up with were not depressed maybe 15% at most. The social media elites I’m not saying liquidate them or throw them in jail but they should have to make large donations to American mental health services for our Gen Z and Alpha Generation.

  2. U.S. Public School system teach Anti-Americanism!

  3. The problem here is standing. If the kids' mental health is being damaged, then it should be the kids and/or their parents who are suing social media. So that the kids effected and their families can actually get the money. The schools really should not be the ones to get the money here.

  4. BULLCHIT !!! So ez to place blame elsewhere. The main problem here is — its more the parents fault than anything else !!!

    Who lets em sit 24hrs a day in front of a dammm computer ??? Who bought em a computer n cell phone ???

    When a kid does chit wrong – parents conclude: " it's not there fault – they're perfect lil angels " Then its the parents fault – no one else.

  5. I could see how’s this country going to end up. Looks whose teaching our kids. Shame on school and parents. America cannot be better again because of your

  6. Shame on school and shame on parent blame everyone but themself
    Hey, your feeling better now
    Be real . If your cannot teach or parent your own kids . Don’t blame on this and that. Please!

  7. May I remind you creepy school administartors and teachers whose salaries are paid by tax payers that you are not the parents of kids who attend your tax payuer funded schools. Stop being so creepyu K-12 adminstrators and teachers!!! Hey Weinberg take care of your own kids and shut the heck up.

  8. Nope still a parenting issue. Schools still dont have any control of society of households. All of the social platforms, should not persuade anyone, into any action, nor collect anything about you, for any means. In addition to adds, they will tear into your skin physically, just to make as much money from anything they possibly can.

  9. When I was in school they would do their best to keep anything "true" from being spoken about how crooked the place was. Like when I was told I had to sit in the back of the class because I would challenge nearly every word out of my teachers mouth. The bord of education decided I was no longer fit to be a student there. They even covered up the murder of one of the teachers.

  10. 😅😅😆😘🤩😍😃😆☺☺🙂😂🤣😅😃😀😇😛😋🤩🤕😏🤪😏😬

  11. Mass psychosis so gaze into the magic ball and be mesmerized towards a delusional way of thought.

  12. sociopathic media

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  15. I suggest buying a 10.⁰⁰ flip phone so they can call them. No internet access outside of home

  16. vtubers are the future of our problems

  17. As a teacher, I hope they win and win big. Parents, buying your child a cellphone is not a purchase you should consider lightly, it will dramatically impact multiple aspects of their lives. I'm not saying don't do it, but please, please, please do your research. And consider if the positives outweigh the negatives.

  18. This isn’t gonna work, it’s up to the adults to monitor their kids usage.

  19. this is why i keep my mental thoughts under control by keeping myself busy all the time = relax my mind by doing hobbies i love

  20. I think also what does not help is now kids want to be influencers. No longer do they want to pursue a career. Yes they make millions but who will keep up the infrastructure for all this if all kids just want to be influencers.

  21. I kind of disagree you can help people to you don’t know that because when when people have been targeting people with disabled people there it’s not fair for every people will disable you can’t do that you do you have a diss able Shashoua Maria, when social media works for the government, they work they work for me they had to disable that you can’t do that

  22. social media is a breeding ground for pedophiles/ criminals/ stalkers/scum. Parent might as well hand over their children to these animails. Be a parent and not a friend, there is no reason a child needs a phone. Ask your self this parents. how many times have you called your child and they answered right away. There is your answer. The cell phone is not a parent and by giving this to your child, you might as well give your address and schedule to them as well. Social media the biggest detriment to society

  23. Gosh it’s so simple Facebook- sell 100 likes for 5.99 that can be given to others in bulk

  24. Social media has had a Negative impact on Our Society for sure…

  25. How about parents actually parent their kids lol. And if we are suing institutions for causing mental health issues with kids, then public school systems should be the last ones throwing stones.
    This case should be tossed out.

  26. Always starts at home. We should ban these parents from having more kids