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Sec. Pompeo was on Ukraine call, Giuliani subpoenaed, new law to pay college athletes | ABC News

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  1. You Democrat’s are not smart are you! Donald Trump is the best thing that has happened to America and he only has a year left or more so y are u so worried about impeaching him. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  2. The transition @1:52
    "The Chinese military showed off it's most advanced weapons, including a new hypersonic ballistic nuclear missile designed to evade America's anti-missile shields".
    – "A new survey finds more than a quarter of adults have not read a book in the past year."

  3. ABC NEWS does not listen to FACTS. Biden along with Mitt Romney are shonky statesmen that are now dishonorable and disgraceful.

  4. The press should be not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator, but also a collective organizer of the masses.–Vladimir Lenin
    We can and must wright in a language which sows among the masses hate, revulsion and scorn towards those who disagree with us–Vladimir Lenin
    Communist Goals to Destroy America Congressional Record Appendix, pp. A34-A35 January 10, 1963
    Goal 15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States. Done… Democrat Party.
    Goal 20. Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, policy-making positions. Done. They are the propaganda arm of the Communist Party. The Democrat Party exists in name only as a front.
    Goal 21. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures. Done. They run Hollywood and the television "news" media. (All sitcoms and most commercials are politically correct and in your face "woke" The CPI Security thief is always a white dude.) Done..

  5. Trump already turned over the transcript.Tell the House Communists to pound sand.

  6. And Hillary Clinton destroyed 33,000 emails that were under subpoena. That's 33,000 separate felonies and she is still walking around free, happy as you please. Another felony she committed was storing top secret and beyond top secret SAP's on a private server to cover up her corrupt activity regarding her foundation.
    We clearly have a two tier justice system… One for Communists, and one for everyone else.

  7. Everyone is getting paid from the work of the ball players labor EXCEPT THE WORKERS .!


  9. In its present state… Its just another form of SLAVE LABOR .!

  10. The recruiters like your performance well enough to hire you so why not pay them .?

  11. I believe if you work… why shouldn't you get paid.?

  12. Bolton is as reliable as trump. So there is that

  13. I read the Mueller report cover to cover! 😄🤣😂 trump and his warmongering nazi's are going down!

  14. Where we're at this morning: pompeo is liar, and republicans think it's ok for a president to ask a foreign leader for information about their political opponent, and involve their personal attorney in gathering of that information.

  15. We read constantly, just not books. We read online articles, wiki, reddit, YouTube comments and many other sources of reading material. When anything arouses our curiosity, we google and read assorted sources. Just because people do not read books does not mean that they do not read nor that they are poorly informed. Books just by virtue of being books do not always have good information. This is the electronic age. We are beyond 20th century information technology. Just because you can read a book on a monitor does not make it an intrinsically valuable activity. The entire purpose of a book was to pass information and ideas from a person not present to a person present and to preserve those ideas. If we can do that, regardless of the means used, we have achieved the goal.

  16. Remember trump NEEDS to stay president to avoid prison. That's motivation for a lot of obstruction

  17. Democrats. Please stop the drama and hoaxes and get to work. America is tired of your games. Biden is a crook. Investigate him.

  18. Lol! John Bolton criticizes Trump, and BAM! Bolton is a hero of the Democrats!
    Do you creatures believe in anything that relates to reality?

  19. i WISH THEY wouldnt put cute, dainty, weak looking news casters to cast the news. 16:28.

  20. Many reasons not to pay college students.

  21. OH MY GOD!!! The president said that a civil war would be harmful to the country?!?! HOW DARE HE SAY SUCH AN AWEFUL THING!!!!
    You Democrats are clinically insane!

  22. I hate how people aren't even talking they are just insulting people about said situation. What a shame. Americans are already cut in half years and years before and we still can't have a simple discussion about politics? That's kinda sad. Usually when laws are being made half of the time people are laughing at others and calling them unnecessary names. Politics are never something to talk about these days man. And personally I'm not a big fan of trump. But I also dont think he is getting removed as president

  23. Pompeo needs to wipe that smirk off his face! Making out this was new information to him is being deceitful and lying by omission. Again, misleading the public is dishonest! This administration is a nest of vipers. 🐍🐍🐍🐍🔥🔥🔥

  24. Who wants to bet that there is no Whistleblower!!! Just a contrived conspiracy by the Democratics!!! All that is going on with this is a group of Political Science Liberals are applying there thesis or there Digree in order to mold a new America in their Image. So sad!!!😎

  25. Another circus 🎪 There won’t be no impeachment . Sad to see US politicians so divided over this.

  26. it is imperative to protect our CIA white house whistleblower or he might be "KHASHOGGIED"!

  27. These Two Quotes By Famous American Humorist Applies

    To U.S. Presidents, Congressmen And Senators & State Governments

    Politicians And Diapers

    They Must Be Changed Often, And For The Same Reason. Mark Twain

    The Trouble With Practical Jokes Is That Very Often They Get Elected. Will Rogers

  28. He didnt repeated ask for Biden to be investigated… Fake News as always

  29. The SS Pompeo going down with the SS Lowlife POTUS.
    That's the price of being aligned with a natural born lowlife.
    Also doing a glub, glub, glub, the SS Drunk Uncle Rudi the Ghouliani, the SS Low Bar Barr, the SS Lindsey 'It doesn't have to be a crime to be impeached' Graham, the SS Kevin "Though" McCarthy.
    Yet to be accounted for in this farce, assorted lap dogs, such as Tucker "the fkr" Carlson, Misjudge Jeanine, Sean Inanity Hannity, and Lou Dotard Dobbs.
    It's a real dumb-ster fire that Lowlife has ignited. Lowlife is so torn and frayed he forgets that the WH sent over the Transcript to the House thinking it will exonerate him. Now, instead of owing that he screwed his own pooch, he's whining about how it's a pack of lies. Lies that he sent to the WH?
    Seriously, Lowlife?
    Why don't you send over the true transcript, in that case? You are so dumb. If stupidity was money, you'd be a billionaire.

  30. Trump, i got a whistle for you to blow.

  31. Nigel happens to be my brother's name. lol

  32. This continues to push me as a Democrat to go vote Republican for now on

    This an attack is now a joke.

  33. So they really going to charge a dude who's in critical condition with trespassing!? Lol #stupidamerica


  35. looks like Trump trying to do the same to Biden that he did to Hillary is blowing up in his face

    Bolton is the leak, think about it the guy was ditched over Pompeo. Shortly after he leaves he says he will have his payback in a week and boom this blowup. There is no spy, his staff are turning on him lol. Only an insider would know all this

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