Thursday , April 9 2020
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Second Parent Sentenced In College Cheating Scandal | NBC Nightly News

After pleading guilty to fraud, Devin Sloane was sentenced to four months in federal prison in addition to probation and community service for his role in the scam.
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Second Parent Sentenced In College Cheating Scandal | NBC Nightly News


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  1. So he gets four months she gets 14 welcome to the American justice system, you Americans have the best life there in America

  2. Francey Hakes is my new girl super hero!!

  3. Are you watching Lori and Mr. Lori? They're coming for you….

  4. will probably be sent to a cushy prison where he can work on his backhand for a few months.

  5. Fred Trump should be Sentenced Posthumously for Bribing Doofus Donald into Universities!

  6. My kids kicked butt for years to get into every UC school
    Shame on these parents

  7. Let's face it four months is still a joke! If it had have been a less rich person, like me, it would have been years and not months!

  8. Well being white in America well set you free. Of course he wouldn't get any time. They wanted to give a black woman 5 years for signing her child in a different District and why people they pay thousands and millions for your children lie to get them in college and a virtually go free. This is America the land that hates blacks.

  9. all the students still attending/enrolled?

  10. If I try and bribe a cop to get out of trouble and the cop takes it and gets cot who is at folt here? The cop or me.

  11. I don't see why any of them are in trouble, the ones accepting bribes should be the ones in trouble. One of these people needs to stand up in court and tell the truth; i did it because I could, and there just trying to buy there kids a future and by doing so guarantees it there future in ways that only money will give privilege to

  12. Looooooooooooossserrrrr. Maybe as punishment they work the food lines at a local community college for a whole semester. Humble them a little..

  13. USC isn’t even hard to get into. There’s no more prestige in going to USC than there is to going to Long Beach State.

  14. So he gets 3.5 months more because he is a Man? Same crime different times!

  15. Felicity didn't fight it.He tried to fight it.Bury Him.Becky needs at least a year of hard labor in North Korea 🇰🇵

  16. Thank Yahweh none of them are black….why Becky only got two weeks?

  17. Ridiculous to have two completely different results for the same crime.
    If there was cheating to get admitted, are the degrees valid ???
    Esplain that Mom and Dad.

  18. Usc isn't even an ivy league school, its just a private school

  19. Anyone notice that the man got a worse sentence than the woman?

  20. Good for them throw them in jail

  21. He is certainly taking after Trump ! Professional liar & cheater.

  22. but did he lose his voting rights?
    is a felony?

  23. All the dozen or so colleges and Universities I went to I didn't need any help/cheating to get excepted, to any of them. Must be really dumb kids like their parents.

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