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Secretary Azar: People using cigarettes to wean off vaping products

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar discusses the teenage vaping crisis and the falling cost of prescription drugs. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Clickbait title. No where does he mention using cigarettes to get off vaping…

  2. This Guy is absolutely nuts

  3. this is meant to be the news, I would give u an Oscar for ur acting skills. plus 5 million kids vaping regularly, theres only 13million vapers in the US.
    your acting out on tv to make this sound worse than it is.
    It is unbelievable that anyone with half a brain would listen to anything that comes out your mouth.
    I have been watch the news in the US of A lately, not just about vaping. All news readers are like actors, its astonishing the way u act and even more astonishing that people even listen, its like a comedy show. What the hell is going on over there, how can you people get away with this.
    And the AA statement, what are you talking about you fooooool. I go to AA and yet to see anyone come in and ask to go through the 12 steps for their nicotine habit.
    I really need to stop watching this crap. If this is the way the news and government treat their own people its disgraceful, more so for a country thats meant to stand for freedom. shame on u

  4. OMG, people using tobacco to get off vaping. How ignorant is this discussion going to get?

  5. Go to AA? LMAO! I'm in AA. I've yet to see someone come in for nicotine issues. This is the dumbest thing I've seen in a long time. Azar is completely clueless.

  6. The girl has to go to AA to get off of vaping ya ok.

  7. The only reason they so swiftly agreeing to remove flavor sales is because they know that "KIDS" are not after JUUL's flavors but are rather after extremely high nicotine level that gives them a nice head buzz. As a 9 year vaper I can assure you JUUL's flavors are terrible.

  8. This is a way for the government to make money…. This isn't for helping anyone except your greedy pockets.

  9. hahah bull ! biggest load i’ve heard since hillary would be our next president

  10. So get rid of vape shops and let pharmacies sell ecigs prescribed….smh

  11. And another 40.000 people in the US died this month from smoking. What about that?

  12. Better 5million kids vaping than 5million kids smoking.
    God gave us free will.

  13. You can see big tobacco has bought this gentleman and most likely owns the news network as well.

  14. Looney tunes at its best right here.

  15. People using cigarettes to get off vaping!? How stupid are these people!!!!??

  16. The devices are a battery and parts found in the local hardware stores!

    The ejuice is found in the local grocery stores!

    Exactly how…. is it NOT legal?

  17. Why don't they use air to wean off smoking, as I did, and also for vaping which I never indulged in?

  18. hahahahahahaha
    clearly the dumbest thing said on the youtube today. morons with big tobacco in their pockets…..

  19. How many people have dyed from cigarettes?

  20. The FDA is gonna tell me whats good? Really.? The FDA approved Roundup for use on food crops knowing it was Toxic..srew them this is Big Tobacco Corps trying to get it regulated so they can get control. Phillip Morris owns Juul…see any connection.? I do.

  21. Truly the most moronic video I've seen in a long time. Anyone who buys into this bs is a mindless sheep.

  22. This corruption is shutting down my 17 vape shops and sending people back to smoking. This is 100% about money and not public health. Look at my channel if you want the truth. Thumbs up this for others to see.

  23. Maybe people just like nicotine and it’s not the government’s business. No nanny state.

  24. Shouldn't he be talking about the REAL EPIDEMIC of 480,000 Deaths per year because of smoking cigarettes, in USA.

  25. People are so stupid! Do they not realize Big Tobacco companies are the reason for the screaming about vaping!!!! Lobbyist are pushing congress to do this.

  26. So only kids like fruit?

  27. You have, in America, a problem with multiple components. The Wealth Gap. Prohibitively Expensive Gatekeeper Institutions that are less about Education and more about Titles of Nobility and Connections. A Severe Lack of Public Mental Health Care. A broken Vocational Structure where the Gatekeepers are the clog in the Pipes, creating a severe lack of Skilled Employees where we are in High Demand. A breaking down of trust in the American People for our Government. So many people are lost in all of this Chaos. What choice do we have but to self-medicate with whatever we can get our hands on? Replace Degrees with Apprenticeships. Replace Prisons with Mental Health Rehabilitation Asylums. Teach Applied Government & Politics right alongside English and Maths in Public School from an early age. Mental Health Development should be as mandatory as STEM and Standardized Testing for High School Students. Social Studies should be about Applied Social Skills, not History. Teach History separately, calling it Applied History.

  28. This all pisses me off, they must think Americans are stupid, they should ban them now.

  29. It's the news doesnt count. This is fake no one is getting off vapes to go back to cigarettes

  30. Number one: F*%# the government regulations that are on the side of the friends of Joe Biden, Nancy, and the rest of the INTERNATIONAL MEGA CORPS❌🆘🏦🗳💵🐀💥🔨

  31. This is the greatest crock of BULLSH*T I've ever heard. I used VAPES to wean off of real cigarettes, and so do most other people.
    Cigarettes cause CANCER. Vapes do not. Cigs contain carbon monoxide, uri, and other harmful chemicals. Vapes do not.
    But Vapes cut into the profits of Big Tobacco. Fox Business and "secretary Azar" are obviously paid shills.

  32. Exactly! Not to mention the vape shop down the street from me fired all but 2 staff members. How about a law that requires people to lock up their vape products.

  33. This is nuts!! People vape so they can get off icky sticks!! What insanity is this!

  34. If cigarettes and alcohol are legal so should vaping. Although people who use any of those things should forgo any medical treatment for the side effects.

  35. Adults vape to get off cigarettes. Parents, control your kids.

  36. My grandmothers been smoking for 40 years she is fine . At 92

  37. Do not listen to this the tobacco industry is almost as powerful as the defense industry remember that !

    We really don’t have enough study yet

  38. All of these products are eighteen and over !! There is no ads!! They see people blowing clouds on YouTube and wanna look cool!

  39. This is all about the money!!! Screw the government

  40. There is non nicotine products that can be used!

  41. If you did do this….. congratulations !! You are an idiot !!

  42. Boo to MORE government action! BOO!
    You don’t want your kids to use them, tell them NO! Take them away if you find them, make YOUR kid have YOUR consequences and leave the god damned government out of it!!!
    Be PARENTS! Geez…

  43. This is IDIOTIC! Are you being paid by the tobacco industry? I used vaping to get off cigarettes. Children are smoking anyway. I am dumbfounded that this is even a story!!! This is bizarro world!

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