Thursday , December 3 2020
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Secretary Carson's take on struggling Dem run cities

United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Ben Carson, discuses the growing homeless issue in cities around the country, giving insight into his meeting with Mayor Garcetti (Los Angeles). #FoxBusiness

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  1. Bringing in more foreigners helps absolutely no one. Stop the forced diversity in the west and ship it to the middle East, boatloads of Africans and south Americans would fix Iran in not time

  2. How horrible it must be to live in a dem run city, 60 years of pitiful policy and redistribution of tax payer dollars NOT to the benefit of the tax payers in ANY way. All they do is distribute your dollars in foreign aid, raid the takings, then the corrupt receivers of the aid sends it back as campaign contributions. Your money directly to the political thieves.

  3. This homeless problem should never have been allowed to get this bad. Does anybody think they have this problem in Japan?

  4. 😷😷😷😷banCHINA😷😷😷😷

  5. 😷😷😷😷banCHINA😷😷😷😷

  6. DR BEN CARSON FOR PRESIDENT, DONALD JR. AS VICE. 2024/2028.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸.

  7. Dictator trump for president.

  8. I like Ben, but I don't think he can do anything in ca. If those individuals at the state level don't see it as a problem, then nothing will get fixed.

  9. The reason homeless are on the streets is because they can not use drugs and drink in shelters. Ca enables addicts by giving them $$
    and needles, to shoot up drugs in public, letting them use public streets as toilets, and have no consequences for crimes they commit. There is no way anything is going to change as long as bad disgusting behavior is permitted.

  10. Create a work program that allows willing members of the homeless community to trade honest labor for temporary housing and basic necessities. These individuals can work in a particular city and help with clean-up projects, city or community maintenance, recycling programs, trash collection, etc. They will be required to sign a contract stating they will maintain the housing areas and keep them free from drugs and all crime or individuals will be removed immediately if they breach the contract. After one year residents will be required to enter the workplace and get a job. They will be able to live in the housing area for 6 more months in order to save money. After that period they will be responsible for getting their own apartment/home and recommit to becoming a productive member of society. This program and those within the program could also be used to help struggling farms and agricultural areas, natural disaster relief and aid, National Park maintenance,etc. I’m a conservative and understand there are costs associated with a plan like this but I feel like the positive work that could be accomplished would offset the costs and in the long term benefit agriculture, tourism, and the economy of an area in general

  11. After watching this I am forced to ask the question whether the government has the right to treat those homeless who have committed no crime as criminals? You cannot simply seize people and send somewhere just because you think it is in their best interests or because their presence is a societal inconvenience. It's not legal and it's not right.

  12. Change policies so that there is more opportunity to fix this. Bring back mutual aid societies and allow them to do what they used to do so well.

  13. The Dr is amazing! Cool, calm & brutally honest.

  14. As quite as kept I went out to skid row and found out the reason as to why 73% of them will not work or utilize government assistance. It is shockingly because of Child Support Arrears. I interviewed over 400 men and I tallied up last night that 371 of them all have child support arrears. In which they stated that their checks were garnished, their bank accounts frozen, their work & drivers licenses revoked, liens put on everything they owned. It is the sole reason why they do everything under the table. These people aren't all drug addicts or mentally unfit. That is fake news. What they dont want you to find out is that Democrats have been spending trillions of dollars on programs that dont purposely work in order to get funding every year. In order to fix the homeless crisis, they are going to have to get rid of the child support arrears and settle out the debts owed. This will boost moral and give these people the incentive to want to go back to work instead of living like destitute slaves.
    They will have to reform the welfare system and separate it from the child support system and get rid of the high interest that is tacked on the unforgiving revolving debt till these men die.. Building shelters has proven ineffective because they do not trust the government amd many say they radar live off the radar to avoid child support all together. If they can reform the child support arrears system, this will give them the incentive to want to do right. Until then the homeless problem will grow worst & worst.

  15. Yep , homeless are spreading Chinese sheet . Ya right uh NO . Ben Carson should stick to brain surgery. He's a mechanic . He's trained to do one thing. He shouldn't try to think too much. There is nobody in those skid row buildings . Most of them have been condemned since 1971. A month ago Rip Van Carson woke up and declared homelessness is a Democrat problem & California was the entire problem . After having his own government statistics disputing his Trump speech shoved up his ash for a month now he changes his tune . What a fleeking disgrace to his position. Only the best people ??? WTF!

  16. Sec of HUD Dr. Ben Carson aka 'Miracle Hands', keep up the great job, God bless you greetings from a supporter.

  17. But my homeless people want to stay in one of most expensive cities in the country

  18. This is the second time I've heard Carson interviewed on this subject state that we need to address the reason and/or cause that got these people in this predicament in the first place. This man has is right and nailed it! I wasn't impressed with him as a presidential candidate although still liked him. But this is what it will take to not only fix this problem but "prevent" it. Smart man

  19. if you wanna fix the problem get rid of the dems they are the cause of the problem

  20. I hope the GOP treats Carson with the respect he deserves. We need him going forward.

  21. I just love all of this, start with the homeless and than how about the middle class maybe we can have a place for them too and of course how about when the Democrats get the presidency maybe we can put conservatives in those camps as well!!!

  22. My "affordable housing" building, was changed to "MIxed Income Building" and now all the renters moved in, are Section 8 drug addicted SSI recipients who sell their medicaid paid for opiates.

  23. Dr Carson for President 2024

  24. Just get that civil war going already.

  25. Democrats have ruined numerous cities when they've been in control , they're now trying to boot Pres Trump out of office so come 2020 they hope to get control of America. Oh wow is US if that happens

  26. I like this man the more I hear from him. This brings me back some faith that California can return to some degree of sanity if that was even possible under a buffoon like Newsom.

  27. I love Ben Carson; what I think needs to be accomplished up front is a triage process to segregate individuals by situation: mental health versus economic reasons versus housing shortages, etc. This won't be a "one size fits all" solution. There are even real opportunities for some of these people to be gainfully employed as part of the process.

  28. God fearing people know how to get things done. I suspect Dr. Carson will slay some dragons.

  29. There's an easy way to fix democrat run cities, remove the democrats. In short order crime and homelessness go down, jobs and civility go up.

  30. Love Dr. Carson! A wonderful loving man ! Thank you Trump for make him great in you organization!



  33. So agree Dr. Carson. You are working so hard for America and its people.

  34. 40% of the homeless are mentally ill, 30% are addicts. Dr. Carson is completely right, you can’t just put them in housing with out the resources they need to address their issues. The activists are the ACLU are making this situation worse, they don’t listen to the people that deal with the homeless.

  35. Dr. Carson is too much of a gentleman to have to deal with the savage Democrats.

  36. The democrats had no problem finding or building housing for the 10k Muslim that Obama and Hillary brought into this country but when it comes to Americans that are homeless and American veterans now we have a problem and a lot of red tape…

  37. Thank you much Dr. Carson for your service to the country. It is awful and sad to see the homelessness, especially in CA.

  38. Dr. Carson. You being at the IBS show, shows you are the man for the job👍👍👍👍

  39. We will see about." That's real talk.

  40. Pence,Carson 2024 .🇺🇸

  41. The government needs to give Carson the money he needs to straighten out this mess!!!!

  42. Dr. Carson is not a politician. No wonder he solves problems and gets things done!

  43. Ben should go back to brain surgery and leave this job to more competent people. A man needs to know his limitations.

  44. Why does he aim at using countries facilities at our expenses to keep them in? It s same as making "sanctuary" , way to enslave people and to corrode an economy??

  45. In a mind set of a socialist/communist it is never there problem or fault. They are above the common persons.

  46. I was so happy when President Trump asked Ben to be Housing Secretary. Couldn't have a better man for the job. They even hit it off during their campaign debates.

  47. They needa get clean and get jobs. Need work programs too. To become self standing. Responsible.

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