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See This Baby Polar Bear Grow Up In Under 2 Minutes | Animalkind

An adorable time-lapsed video of a baby polar bear shows the stages of her growing up.

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See This Baby Polar Bear Grow Up In Under 2 Minutes | Animalkind


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  1. O Sure Their Beautiful & Their extreamly cute when their Little Cubs but when it grows up To become fully mature it's going to be bigger then your car & will eat only Meat and Alot of it Basicly the amount of hole entire Cow every week And will require Constant AC and a ice cold swimming pool & An A Vet from a Zoo that makes house calls because Attempting to travel to the Vet Clinic will not be wise Do to the dangerous activity of transpotion of such a large Conavore that will require heavy sadation for Safety precautions

  2. and one year later he ate the cameraman.

  3. My Dream Job!! Maybe they need help!?

  4. Omg !!!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

  5. Wonder if this polar bear is being raised for a zoo.

  6. Not long before this thing becomes an evil monster sooner to kill you than to look at you.

  7. Less than 3 months is considered grow up…. Lol

  8. Where’s the videos of it grown up ?

  9. I hope she is living free now….. 😍

  10. €NlVl(H)@ll_kind$$@ve

  11. Ice Bear is good. More Ice Bear more good

  12. He makes just want to cuddle him

  13. Omg cute overload is an understatement for this little guy bless him.

  14. Put these things in Chicago see if white people will care about black people getting shot then if one of these Bears started getting shot

  15. I sleep on my back and then on my front . I also like hugs.

  16. bear in mind: its mind is still a bear

  17. The happiest job ever! A video one can watch many times in a row! 🐾😍

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