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Self-driving delivery trucks are on the road

Kodiak Robotics’ self-driving semi-trucks are on the road in Texas, but it’s still an experimental program.

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  1. Research Andrew Yang for president.

  2. Wow stewart i bet you feel like an idiot for being rude to Andrew Yang now

  3. If you just sit there do nothing , will you get paid? It will never happen 90% of the companies making the biggest profit to scaming the drivers. If you can't make profit no reason to operate.

  4. Planes have been able to land on their own since the 80s or 90s and they still require a pilot. Self-driving will be just a feature to assist the driver, not to replace him/her. There are still many things a truck driver does out there that a computer may never do.

  5. I understand that people are concerned about the potential loss of jobs from this kind of technology. A 3 million job market at stake, I get it.

    However, there could be a flip side to this. A positive side to mass innovation and technology.

    If the middle men are cut out of the picture, then items and food become cheaper. By a lot, I mean a substantial slash in price. Plus, people will get to chase things that give their lives more meaning. Plus this would have to include a form of UBI.

    Let's face it, sitting in a truck for 11 hours a day, 6 days a weeks is NOT a healthy lifestyle. And I guarantee you truck drivers would rather be doing something else if they were getting paid regardless.

    I'm a local driver in the midwest, so I have about (two) 3 hours drives I have to do 5 days a week, then I go home. And city driving is potentially going to keep it's place for the time being. But these autonomous driver companies are going after OTR and it's the first thing that will go.

    Believe me, the equipment the trucks we are already driving (now) is absolutely insane. The semi can detect objects, brake automatically, and speed up automatically. They are going to do anything and everything to automate this completely.

    Question is, will it be good, bad, or in the grey?

  6. It's gonna be intercity with automated trucks & drones for the local loop.


  8. I encourage anyone watching this to google Andrew Yang and watch him talk about how we can help truck drivers and other workers. This is all why he is running for President in the 2020 race. He also has a great book I’m reading at the moment called “The War on Normal People.”
    We need to help displaced workers from automation and the freedom dividend is a great place to start!

  9. Andrew Yang was right. We better put aside our differences, come together, and find a way to transition into this new era, the 4th industrial revolution, either with UBI, freedom dividend. Because self driving truck is one of the many innovations out there, robotaxi, self-driving tesla, A.I news anchor, A.I call center, A.I accountant, A.I lawyer, A.I radiologist, etc, the list goes on.

  10. Wait until someone gets killed.

  11. This kind of development in technology is inevitable.
    If we don't dominate this money making tech, China
    and others will. It will mean a loss of jobs for
    Americans. It will mean an even greater loss of jobs
    for Americans if we do not dominate this tech.
    We faced the same fears when we went from the
    horse to the automobile, train, electric telegraph, etc.

  12. Andrew Yang 2020!
    He has the solutions for our very close future.

  13. well then there will always be a driver

  14. So let's build a wall and blame Obama? 😆

  15. I told my brother who is a truck driver this would happen years ago .

  16. ….9/11….Psyop Staged by the United Terrorist Snakes ( War Criminal) & the world elite

  17. Andrew yang has been telling yall this is happening… oh yeah he is also trying to give everyone a $1000

  18. Striving to put more people out of work .

  19. If they go after pizza drivers, I'm getting an AE86 and go full Initial D. Ain't no AI gonna deliver better than me! Seriously, the roads in Texas are as straight as Jim Parsons.

  20. ANDREW YANG predicted this!!! It's coming!!

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