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Sen. Alex Padilla: Gov. Newsom will ‘win big’ in recall vote

ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with Sen. Alex Padilla. D-Calif., on the high-stakes California gubernatorial recall election, and the budget bill debate as Democrats struggle to reach an agreement.

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  1. Fraud..of course. And he's getting away with it.

  2. I live in California it’s a disaster they ruined the whole state

  3. He ran the whole thing what a joke he knows it’s all rigged why else to they fight so hard for Mail in ballots and no ID

  4. Early polling is showing that 12 out of 10 "eligible" voters has already cast a ballot, all DEMOCRAT of course. (BTW: Biden is a FAKE president and every law he signs can be ignored or used for toilet paper.)

  5. Must be strange to control all of k-12 education, all of higher education, all of the entertainment industry, all of the big tech industry, and a vast majority of the mainstream media and still have to rig elections and recalls in order to win.

  6. You gonna ask this schmuck back if newsom loses?

  7. Lies, only if they cheat but God has the last word

  8. Newsom is a total disaster. This man is a tool. If you have any hope of your state recovering even a little bit, the only rational, intelligent option is to vote “YES”.

  9. Im a latino from Los Angeles and ill tell you Alex Padilla is a piece of work. His skin color can't fool me, Padilla is just another race hustler that has made money off of poor ignorant latinos.

  10. LOL! All the Trumptrash running over here to downvote as if it makes a difference in the election results. 🤣

  11. Let's hope so. The cesspool known as California needs him to further sink into the abyss. It's fun to see people and businesses fleeing this s***** of a state



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  15. They misspelled "cheat" in the title. Newsom can't win an honest election, his own family wouldn't vote for him.

  16. If Newsom doesn't go there will be blood in the streets! We The People have no guarantees that the voting systems of our nation work anymore and when the ballot dies, bullets fly. No worries though it'll be on our time and very asymmetric.

  17. So he must love the price of gasoline, the high taxes, the homeless crisis, high rents, the low standards of the educational system, seems to me that this state needs a new governor.


  19. It's called voter fraud folks. Didn't we do the exact same thing less than one year ago? I hope that the needles and feces rise across California like a great new mountain range. You can't save California you can only save yourselves by leaving the state as soon as you possibly can. What you just heard in this fake news report is called "predictive programming" just like the globalist did in the 2020 "Selection".

  20. I just talked to 3 people from California and they told me that when they went to vote today they were told that they already voted.

  21. Queen Pelosi demands her nephew be given the governorship.

  22. They'll keep counting until he does.

  23. His I hope he’s right. But elder is already calling “ election fraud”. 😂😂😂What a giant turd. And I don’t just mean looks wise.

  24. Alex Helped Rig the previous 2 recalls, Alex is a TYRANT and I'll tell him to his face that he will Never show in public like ALL the rest of the TYRANTS !

  25. Only if they don't cheat maybe the Democrats will be the real winner someday if their were not cheating

  26. The latest polls state that the dead voted heavily for Newsom. As long as we have no voter id, I assume the election will be rigged.

  27. “Newsom will win big”. It’s been arranged.

  28. Of course Gavel Nuisance will win BY CHEATING!!! They have already found hundreds of fake ballots and those showing up to vote, have been told they already voted!!! Just like Trump being cheated, so will Elder. Sad, VERY SAD!!!!!

  29. These are the same elected people that have done nothing to help California.

  30. ❓WHY DIDN'T–ISN'T, tRUMP down in CALI pumping up Larry & the RETHUGLICAN CRAZIES🤔❓
    OH❗ I KNOW⚠❗⚠ 🗣 HE'S ALL WORN out from🎙Commentating the OLD👴DUDES🥊Boxing Farce…

  31. The people will lose big ! Do they like poop in the streets newsome likes it on his chest

  32. How is he so sure that newsom is going to win cause they started cheating already, people going to vote wore not allow cause apparently they already voted 🙄

  33. What do you expect,once Trump endorses you in a general election be it a red or blue state ,you are pretty much doomed ..My Republican Party leaders still don’t get that yet !!! Keep hanging out with a loser ..

  34. Democrats don't even hide their voter fraud now, no subtlety required.

  35. democrat politicians are all criminals….wake the F up California. This criminal is running your state into the groud.

    He offers no solutions, just finger pointing. What a drug addled loser newsom is

  36. You fix the election again what a shocker.

  37. Why would you be proud of your State? Can you not see that it's a mess? I'm not a Trumper. Didn't vote for him. But you have to look in the mirror and admit that California is a dumpster. Who did that? Democrat policies did.

    I hope Newsom is your Governor for the next 30 years. You deserve him.

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