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Sen. Amy Klobuchar joins ABC News Live to discuss debate performance l ABC News

Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar tells ABC News Live the public option is the best option for health insurance. READ MORE:

The fourth Democratic primary debate in Westerville, Ohio, featured a number of tense exchanges and again highlighted the major policy rifts that continue to divide the field with less than four months to go until the first votes are cast.

While there was relatively little disagreement on the issue continuing to dominate Washington — the impeachment of President Donald Trump — the debate, hosted by CNN and The New York Times, featured pitched exchanges on health care, taxes, foreign policy and the candidates’ governing philosophies.

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  1. Isn't it incredible a candidate polling right at the bottom like Amy Kloubuchar got more airtime than a populist candidate like Bernie Sanders, when hes polling equal to Elisabeth Warren in some polls, third in most? She has centre right policies! No one wins with a Clinton clone, he'll she doesn't even have name recognition

  2. I feel sad for Minnesota!!!!

  3. 0:14 "You were differently on fire" yea Self-immolation.

  4. She spoke for 5 min but said nothing of substance.

  5. Klobuchar is as inspiring as my high school principle, doing nothing but defend the status quo with absolutely no unique ideas she is nothing but a waste of debate time will not be missing her

  6. Amy has dropped out of the race. She thanks all of her supporters for their work. I will miss her. She was a voice of reason in the madhouse.🙁


  8. Out of all the 12 candidates she was the 3rd person to speak the most.

  9. I like Amy. She's a babe with brains to spare. Yale (magna cum laude), University of Chicago (ranked one of the top ten colleges in the world year after year.) She could win a national election. None of the others have a chance. (Maybe Biden. Maybe. He's slipping fast, though).

  10. "It felt like the resurgence of the moderates"… is there any chance this Ron Burgundy wrote that himself?

  11. She was great at the debate!!!

  12. Yes she’s still running and yes she’s still polling at 1%

  13. She actually said she lead the Dems to victory in 2018. Is she nuts? She's crazy. The progressives lead the Dems to victory in 2018. She's unbelievable.

  14. She was giving me reasons in this interview to not vote for her. Geez she's awful.

  15. They decided not to proceed with impeachment because Giuliani is exposing the Briben's and calling them out.They know that by law President Trump was required to investigate Joe Briben and Hunted Briben for extortion and bribery on Ukraine. Creepy Joe has his own video where he admits to it, and even brags about having the prosecutor in Ukraine fired for investigating his cocaine head son Hunted Briben. Hunted Briben resigned in China as middle man for Creepy Joe, but hasn't let go of his 10% interest in the Chinese Company, as greed is still a horrible addiction as well. Their investigator Mueller admits no collusion as the investigation into the Briben's involving Ukraine is required by law. The democrats, Creepy Joe Briben, Pocahontas, Walking Dead Heart Attack taxer Bernie, Buttigag, Beto Dirt Eater and Green Poop Trickster, just don't have their crap together, and don't know crap from apple-butter. What a banded fool crew of misfits democrats have to choose from as if they are having an apple bobbing contest is in a commode, but it isn't actually apples they are trying to choose from.

  16. Why is amy gorbachav so determined to keep for profit insurance companies involved in the American healthcare system? As well as orher Democrats. There is no need for those insurance companies. Freedom of choice is what medicare for all is. Its always just there when your healthy or when your sick. You can go to any doctors office or hospital you want. Those places dont just dissapear if you have medicare for all. The greedy middle man ie the insurance companies dissapear. Your so free with medicare for all even if your fired from a job or you quit a job you hate you dont lose your healthcare. No deductibles co pays or monthly premiums. You will yes pay a tax for it but it will be far less money each year than what people pay now to insurance companies. Wake up people.! Please!!

  17. Watching the debate gave me PTSD- Pretty Tired of Stupid Democrats.

  18. Happy to see that Senator Klobuchar is becoming more combative! It is very interesting that’s she gets so much heat from presumptive Dems because she takes a practical approach to solving our massive problems. Too many of her Democratic opponents seem to ignore the fact that there is another party in congress that will have to be involved in any solution. Plus our country’s current financial situation precludes immediate radical solutions! Free college education for all? C’mon! Medicare for all? Really! The rich MUST pay more but even they will not be able to pay for these pie-in-the-sky solutions.

  19. You have no message. You lose.

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