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Sen. Bernie Sanders returns to campaign trail after heart attack | ABC News

The Democratic hopeful held a massive rally in New York and picked up an endorsement from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

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  1. I’m voting Democrat, now where’s my free stuff & I want a PlayStation 5 too, I can’t wait.

  2. Bernie didn’t have a heart attack, his heart had a bernie attack.

  3. YouTube and old media do not get along. Those of you who disliked, is there something in this particular video that made you dislike it? Or is it simply a disliking of the channel as a whole.

    Also, if you see no value in this news source, why visit the channel? Views and dislikes actually garner the video more attention and sends it to higher relevancy in the search bar.

  4. By the way, Bernie, next time you chat with Linda Sarsour, you might want to ask her about the death penalty for apostasy and blasphemy in the Koran. 5:33. "If the unbelievers should cause disturbances kill them. Crucify them or merely cut off a limb on each side …"

  5. So far CNN and ABC has the same message: Bernie's Heart Attack and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez endorsement. Hey where is the substance?

    Bernie Sanders event was attended by over 25,000 people, his endorsement included Carmen Cruz, the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Micheal Moore the documentary maker, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the message was it's not about Bernie it's about us and that he's asking for everyone to look at each other and be willing to help fight for a living wage, medicare for all, a clean environment, and a United States of America that is for the people and by the people for that other person. If we are willing to do that we (Bernie included) can transform America.

  6. Record breaking rally.
    Media title: Sanders returns from HEART ATTACK!

  7. Only BERNIE SANDERS for President #46! #backandstronger

  8. Bernie is "the child Hunter" from chitty chitty bang bang, except you may not recognize him without his hat or net.

    Pushing the green new deal and making sure people don't have children.

    #(ck) common knowledge

  9. Bernie Sanders always says his view . Never changed . Not American views . Anti American view . But I respect Bernie Sanders honesty . He tells you he will be raising every one's taxes . For free healthcare . I dont agree .

  10. A race to the TOILET !!!! ELIZABETH WARREN WINS ! CREEPY Joe Biden 2nd .

  11. They said 26,000 were attended. I was riding my bike on the 59th St. bridge and it looked more like 5,000. Not trying to talk shit but I've been in the MSG at full capacity and the two looked nothing a like. Good luck Bernie and make sure you eat your Cheerios

  12. He isnt fit to be president

  13. Amazing Great , They are the best !!!!!!!!!!! Bravo Bernie and Alexandria !!!!!!!!

  14. Even the MSM thinks Bernie's a has been. Hillary is one nasty piece of work. Russians had dealings with her state department for American Uranium . She sees Russian influence everywhere because SHE IS PROJECTING IT.

  15. Socialism really? yeah I want to stand in line for food

  16. I live in NYC! I will never vote for Bernie Sanders. I did not even vote for AOC!!!! Democrats are a bunch of traitors!

  17. Vermont Sanders and his campaign of doom!

  18. Bernie we love you in the Smokey Mountains too. You're the only one trying to help us working people.

  19. This is such fake news of Bernie's rally. notice when they do the crowd shots Bernie and AOC are standing on a stage that was not present this weekend! Others (not MSM) have posted photos that show maybe 500 or so people there!

  20. Largest rally from any Democratic candidate thus so far this primary cycle, and it hardly gets any coverage on the televised mainstream media. I kid you not, while this was going on CNN talked more about Biden's wife and the campaign stops she was making, and the only talk about Bernie was one political analyst saying his voting base is 'too white', this coming after showing less than 5 minute of what his rally was looking like far before it had even started.

    Anyway, not so much related to ABC but instead just another pissy rant about the media not giving equal (+ fair) coverage to all candidates. Your favorite left-leaning network would much rather show the entirety of a Trump rally, and then replay clips of it throughout the day/night before they give a damn about the people running against him.

  21. give it up Burnie 😂😂😂😂😂

  22. Bernie for 2020. Best wishes 💜💜💜

  23. fuck u corporate abc news bosses, we taxing ur millions BERNIE 2020

  24. if AOC had previously been a lobbyist instead of a bartender boomers would absolutely love her.

  25. Free market capitalism brings opportunity and hope. The tyranny of government control brings compliance and despair; the only hope then comes with rebellion against that tyranny.
    It is unfortunate that so many people equate corporatism and crony capitalism with free market capitalism. Corporatism and crony capitalism involve controlled market and privilege granted to some at the expense of others. The real proof of a free market is the lack of government involvement in the market place other than the limited role of punishing fraud and other crimes against free trade.

    Capitalism in the US is presently heavily impaired by government involvement. What we need is less government involvement, not the take over of the market by communism, socialism, or fascism which are essentially slave systems.

  26. Just give him some blue pills AND HE WILL BE ALRIGHT

  27. Stupid dumbass old Bernie. Go away you stupid senile old piece of shit.

  28. " Queen of Warmongers !? " Lol. She didn't push for a war in Libya, now who was that ?….

  29. Can someone please explain to me bow Biden is ahead of Sanders?

  30. If anything the heart attack should show why Bernie is the best choice because it's not him, it's us. He bounces back to dominate the debates getting over $600k in donations right after that, gets major endorsements, then holds a massive rally all in less than a week. He's got the fire as does his base. That's who you need to tackle a fake populist.

  31. Hell yeah
    I'm still going to vote for him

  32. Give it up Bernie, counting other people's money, like you socialists love to do, will only make you more angry and give you another coronary artery blockage.


  34. The Bern is back baby! Anyone who doesn’t understand the appeal… please I urge you to go to his website and read his ideas. He wants to makes the lives of workers better by giving you things you actually NEED with your tax revenue. Wake up and open you eyes people!

  35. LOL! Crabby socialist Bernie Sanders and AOC had some of their big supporters $pay$ and transport people to the rally, what a joke. President Trump gets tens of thousands just to see him and hear him speak on how he’s draining the swamp and cleaning up the mess incompetent Obama and the Democrats made. President Trump gets my conservative Democrat vote again in 2020 to hell with socialism.

  36. Any decency left ABC? Bernie at least has a heart to attack.

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