Saturday , October 16 2021
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Sen. Blackburn: Facebook using platform to 'control' what we see, say and hear

Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., reacts to a report that claims Facebook allows elites to post banned content, arguing the social media site is giving ‘preferential treatment’ to elites.

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  1. I know they hate my guts. I speak my mind. Not acceptable to dictators taking freedom of differing ideas & speech. $oros donate a lot to Newsome too.

  2. Get the hell off Facebook!

  3. beings y'all censor most political comments, I'll throw a NORMAL every day question at you…tell me the truth. I'm SERIOUS. be honest…would you "roll in the hay" with Marsha Blackburn ? even pushing 70?

  4. they have for years & after many court hearings nothing gets done . people need to get off fakebook

  5. Facebook and Democrats are trolling the platform with a news narrative pro marxist since they elected Obama.
    They have totally killed democracies.

  6. Facebook and YouTube will eventually start even manipulating your text and putting in words that you don't put in though alter your text to suit their narrative or they're altered your input to suit their narrative and say you made the statements

  7. Legislation is a joke the legislation will stop these people from doing what they're doing These are leaders and globals are gonna keep doing what they're doing the day is coming when even voting won't matter . We're seeing that now



  9. Nice video though everyone loves the luxury lifestyle…. But why is no one here talking about Bitcoin… Now's the best time to buy the dip and it's an opportunity that will grant you all the luxury you crave for ☺️

  10. Facebook is a Scam! Restricting Free Speech !

  11. Most people think…. Investing in crypto is all about buying coins and holding, till it rises, 🙅 come on it takes much analysis to be a successful crypto trader.
    I've made $16,000 in two weeks of trade.

  12. If you're not on fakebook you don't have to worry about it…. Dump them or shut up !!

  13. The world is watching, this is absolutely horrifying! We The People are experiencing righteous anger and hatred towards the Biden regime! The Biden administration must be removed for treason against the American people! We have had enough of this ridiculousness!

  14. Not just the "elites"… the leftist and far-left elites!

  15. We know, so stop talking and do something.

  16. Big Tech is the greatest threat to freedom today. It's a de facto monopoly and must be broken up.

  17. Communism is the control. Government and big tech and big pharma.

  18. Dump Facebook and your problems go away…. It's actually quite simple. What did you do before Facebook?….

  19. This is the real problem across the world, they're flaunting their power over everyone

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