Friday , January 22 2021
Home / News / Sen Cotton says 'tentacles of Chinese communist espionage' are widespread in US

Sen Cotton says 'tentacles of Chinese communist espionage' are widespread in US

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark, gives a preview of his speech at the Republican National Convention and his assessment of the Chinese Communist Party.

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  1. I have 1 word for the two Cuomo, s = MORON, I have 2 words for CNN don lemon – idiotical rock spider. I have so many words for Trevor Noah but I Don,t have the time mentioning them all. I cannot believe America actually listens at what he has to say. One would swear he thinks he was born in America.

  2. Its sad to see a military man like Cotton sell his soul to Trump./Likely some big bucks. But still unpatriotic.Siince cotton stood by while the Trumpanovs dressed our house, the peoples house like a brothel in New Orleans on FAT TUESDAY, If Cotton doesn't know that the peoples house can't be used for campaign rallies. he's an idiot.If he does no it . He's a traitor like all the Trumps and trump supporters that sat on the peoples house lawn. That's what dictasters and monarc''s do.

  3. Sen Tom Cotton Rocks! Trump 2020!

  4. Espionage is created and progressed and implemented by USA across the world against those who refuse to bend the knees for the USA evil power….

  5. It's about time. We here at the East West Center at the University of Hawaii. Have repeatedly voiced our concerns about spying from Chinese students for many years. This has fallen on deaf ears.

  6. "It just goes to show how widespread the tentacles of the CCP are; not just in our Government, but in our laboratories, in our academies…and in American businesses as well."
    He shoulda called Disney out by name!

  7. hope he adds Hunter Biden's role…

  8. Some facts that the liberal democrat Biden does not want told to the American public.

  9. I have no doubt the Chinese paid Feinstein a lot of $$$ to look the other way.

  10. You've missed the most obvious technique the communists/socialists have been using: usurping your government by changing the laws to erode property rights and individual liberties. That you people do not understand this is a testament to how easily you have all been duped.
    The leftist shysters change the laws, while the Conservatives let them by constantly compromising, still promoting the 'rule of law'.


  12. Is the title a nod to Chinese hentai?

  13. 5:01
    Hillary can teach them how to wipe clean their devices.

  14. Remember when Trump said he didn't blame China for the
    deals the US government made with them? He said China
    didn't complain, why would they? Trump renegotiated the
    previous administration's deal's but China still wants the land
    for all our debt owed to them. Trump is being quiet on what
    the government did because he knows how devastating it is.
    How many Americans would really believe it?
    Click on the link on my previous post, it's a small tip of the iceberg,

  15. I will come off my diet and eat raisonetes cracker Jax chocolate and soda for the debates
    It will be the greatest comedy of 2020 😂

  16. Hahaha trump obviously coming from help to someone's hahaha very FUNNY

  17. Chinese own 0% of the Hollywood mind control industry.

  18. China laughs at Trump!….. Xi knows he's a joke!……He played Trump for the fool he is!……Trump didn't even know what hit him!…….He was praising Xi and claiming a great relationship with him right up to the end!…….Trump was stupidly, naively, and totally blindsided!…..He doesn't have a clue what he's doing about anything!……The entire world laughs at him!

  19. I would like to point out it was the Rebloodlicans that normalized relations with the CCP.

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