Friday , January 22 2021
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Sen. Durbin, Chicago school reps discuss e-cigarette epidemic

On the heels of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s announcement that it will imminently ban all non-tobacco e-cigarette flavors, U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) will be joined by representatives from Chicago Public Schools (CPS) to hold a news conference to discuss the latest developments on the issue.

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  1. Tobaccco cos give it up start dominating rather than competing…add the fuckin carts to your product line already-

  2. Wow just looked this up why am I just now hearing about this we need to do more research to find the culprit

  3. 🤔 yup…… Just don't vape.

  4. Pathetic losers … taking on "evil" cause instead of fixing REAL problems!!!

  5. Axe Deodorant is just as
    Harmful and Relevant!

  6. While Vaping is Foolishly…
    Missing the Point. The issue
    of Flavors Targets people of
    all ages. How they are made
    should be known to the
    consumer. Otherwise, their
    is no such thing as an
    alternative to smoking.
    Tobbaco Quality is as
    any product subject to
    it's Manufacturing
    Standards. Cannabis
    also…as all stimulants
    supplements or

  7. If you really want to help,young people stay healthy work on the gangs , guns and drugs!!

  8. Anything that messes with the respiratory system is obviously a risk to one's health. Kids need to be guided. The problem is kids' lack of parenting.

  9. A real leader would have already arrested the entire DNC house of Congress on charges of sedition and treason and have them all in leg irons in gitmo…

  10. The Entire Obasturd Administration has been committing TREASON for 10 years…
    Trump Bans Vaping….

  11. They let e cigs get a hold and now want to ban them. What did they think was gonna be the outcome, keep kids off cigarettes? Now kids don't have toy cigs they will start real cigs. Its a joke.

  12. You guys can talk all you want again you are going about it the wrong way you have to find something to shock those kids into or do like they did to get the kids to look at it something you guys will lose out again yes you know there bad stop talking ab come up with a plan that will work for every schooo

  13. Just another thing to go after while ignoring the heavy drugs that are rampid in the schools as well as the violence. How about alcohol how is that going. Take the flavors out of alcohol and the ability to make mixed drinks!

  14. Really?? Hey Durbin your constituents are killing each other every weekend!!

  15. How about sticking with the low grade and low graduation rate epidemic?!!

  16. Just another Democrat ban and next week it will be rubber dildos

  17. The tobacco industry hates all Vapes it's stopping their gold mine

  18. Yeah but almost all cases have been linked to Dank Carts and synthetic THC oil this is total BS….!!!

  19. This is a disgrace. And honestly I don't support trump anymore because this shows he is not for the liberty of the individual or the right to make your own decisions in life. The only people who benefit from banning Vaping is big tabaco and their paid off proponents.

  20. I always said If Vaping was good or better than cigs they would ban it

  21. BANNING IS WRONG. Freedom is at stake. But there needs to be regulations towards the users knowledge of risk assessment.

    Want reform for the kids health. Educate children towards code of Conduct.. STOP TEACHING IDEALS OF VANITY

  22. They will ban them and then blame the still existing problem on Iowa or Missouri or Indiana’s “lax laws”. DemonicRats

  23. Sinatra:…. "Chicago, Chicago that wo…. Hey, wait a minute…"

  24. This is a joke! Vaping is by far a safer alternative to cigarettes.

  25. This remind me of the movie Lean on me the white man standing there with that paper in his hand

  26. I’d inhale natural tobacco smoke anytime than to smoke this poisonous ☠️ toxic synthetic e-cigarette smoke!

  27. This is just another power grab, plenty of agencies in their state that already handle this.

  28. When they're getting $7 out of $10 for a pack of cigs and everybody starts buying ecigs instead, you know the criminals (sorry, politicians) are gonna scramble to end that. The fleecing of America never stops people.

  29. Buy Marlboro cigarettes and weed instead kids the Democrats have spoken and they know what's best

  30. How much has the big tobacco companies donated to these guys?

  31. Vaping, yeah terrible, nicotine patches have 21 mg per patch that is per day, vaping liquid contains 11 mg per bottle (2ml) and lasts 3 weeks. as a recovering smoker it works, I begin to loose interest in cigs big time. But what the heck is in those vaping liquids? Why not attack the corrupt manufacturers who 'çut' the liquids the same way they cut drugs?

  32. Stupid, keep the government out of our lives. If stupid people want to do stupid things to themselves, then let them.

  33. I'm wasting my time on this video. I can't hear well enough to get much out of it. You might see what you can do to help amplify the sound!

  34. These Ecigs in discussion helped me stop smoking. I was smoking 1-2 packs a day for 15 years. It almost sounds like you want everyone smoking cigarettes again.


  36. If we add flavors and sprinkles to tobacco, what could happen? Ban tobacco, period, in all it's forms. Nicotine is bad for you.

  37. Chicago DOE has a hell of allot more to worry about than E-Cigs…

  38. Typical Democrat focused on power and control. The Democrats have killed the land of the free…. I do not use the product or smoke anything…

  39. One hit off a juul does not equal a whole pack. His statistics are incorrect. They say if you hit a vape one time in 30 days this includes you in the statistic. There isn't a stat on those who smoked and switched to vape. Fear mongering propeganda. All this to keep tobacco tax and MSA money coming into the states and keep people smoking cigarettes. Sure let's allow fruit loop alcohol on the shelves and cigarettes for the mass. Adults need flavors to disassociate their brains from tobacco. Makes the switch way easier. Also public health England and royal college of physicians have said year after year that vaping is at least 95% healthier than cigarettes. Banning flavors will put thousands of businesses out of business pushing the vaping indusrty into the black market which is where these tainted products are killing kids and adults also leaving one company available which this "epidemic" started. Public health? No… public harm

  40. The government wants to BAN, made ILLEGAL all vape products they claim, because of a few cases where people developed some pulmonary illnesses, plus 1 person died. Cigarette smoke KILLS more than 476 THOUSAND people, YET the same government has NEVER TRIED to declare illegal nor tried to BAN cigarettes from liquor stores, pharmacies(?) that still sell them. They are find anywhere, on my daily walks, I have seen hundreds of school children smoking in School Grounds, near the High Schools, bus stops, WHY instead of presenting shows of unity like above, teachers do not perform better by instructing kids not to smoke? After all, they are the teachers. When I attended school myself, teachers had it better or students were of better civility, but I have WITNESS TEACHING in America nowadays, some teachers shouldn't be allowed to pass their misconceptions to the rest. I QUIT smoking through the use of vaping, smoke vaping as a means to cut smoking, vape 3- 5 times a day, often less, have never developed a single problem and years later, my lungs are perfectly ok according to my last exam.

  41. Wait a second. Vaping is already regulated. You have to be of age to buy cigarettes to buy them. And it's not legal to provide them to underage people. Why don't you enforce that?

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