Friday , November 27 2020
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Sen. Joni Ernst Tells Voters: 'Whistleblowers Should Be Protected' | NBC News

Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, was questioned on her recent silence over President Trump’s actions with Ukraine and the whistleblower at a town hall with voters.
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Sen. Joni Ernst Tells Voters: ‘Whistleblowers Should Be Protected’ | NBC News


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  1. The overweight woman standing up claims to be an independent. She is a Democrat troll named Amy Haskins. The public deserves to know who the whistleblower is. The fact that rules were changed a couple of weeks before he put in his complaint so he would be allowed the protection of a whistleblower is all the American people need to know. We are once again being hoodwinked by the media and the house Democrats.

  2. She will accept anything Republicans and Trump do for power and money. She has no ethics. She doesn't fight for farmers and works to lower Iowans wages and benefits for the wealthy elites.

  3. The American public : "North Korea not our friend, Russia not our friend, Trump not our friend."

  4. until you say "I will vote to impeach him" you are part of the problem

  5. Idiots want the US to be hostile to Russia and North Korea for what reason!? What do you do in your daily life that pushing for the downfall of Russia matters to you?

  6. I wasn't impressed by her performance.

  7. I love Russia and North Korea more then trump ๐Ÿค™๐Ÿ˜‚

  8. Same old political double-talk …. but sheโ€™s gonna blame the media?

  9. Madam Senator, you are not being asked to speak for him. You are being asked to SPEAK UP AGAINST him when he publicly asks foreign governments for dirt on his opponents. I am sure you are mature and shrewd enough to appreciate the difference. Nice attempt to pull wool over our eyes though. You are very pretty; you are also an utter DISGRACE!

  10. Wow, that must have hurt her to say

  11. "We could say yay or nay" subtext is "we choose to say nothing at all"

  12. "Trump, messin with the matrix…"

  13. Democrats are the demise of this country! Vote red. Vote for sanity!

  14. If the Demorats have nothing to hide…they should be all FOR an investigation into Biden. If Biden didn't do anything wrong then Trump will look bad in this…..right?
    Why are they so scared of an investigation?
    Who else's names will come to light in this?

  15. Issue subpoenas, not meaningless letters that can be ignored, state the crime and vote to impeach Trump NOW! How long are you going to hang onto all the evidence on hand? VOTE!

  16. She is a bought and paid for GOP hack ๐Ÿ˜– she makes me sick what a SHE Bully !!! What a bullshitter

  17. Comparing Biden and Trump in terms of being corrupt is like comparing a school girl with an old wโ™“0ยฎre in the matters of "love for sale".

  18. Cowards in the GOP make me sick to my stomach. Anything to stay in power, Constitution be damned.

  19. The Whistle Blower is a Great Constitutional Patriot.

  20. So how did that lowlife end up being a senator? What did she blow? Not a whistle, I presume.

  21. Which whistleblower should be protected, the first one that heard something, the second one that information was passed to or the third one brought up to protect the first two ??..It's starting to look like we need a calculator here..Just Sayin' !!

  22. Trump??? NOT our friend! Your Medium…fortune teller?…You just had a chance to chose. America is tired but not asleep. Shame on you Joni.



  24. She can't speak for him, but she can't speak against him either!

  25. How about Republicans start saying, "Whistleblowers should be trusted!"???

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