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Sen. Marsha Blackburn reacts to the Loeffler, Warnock debate

Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., talks to FOX Business’ about the Georgia Senate runoffs and a coronavirus stimulus package. #FoxBusiness

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  1. ✝️ Now GEORGIA SENATE:   More than two dozen black ministers are urging Democratic Senate candidate Raphael Warnock, himself a minister, to abandon his support for abortion. “You have publicly expressed your views that abortion is an exercise of ‘human agency and freedom’ that is fully consistent with your role as a shepherd of God’s people,” stated a letter to the candidate. “We believe these statements represent grave errors of judgment and a lapse in pastoral responsibility, and we entreat you to reconsider them.” ✝️ Rev.  Martin Luther King would never support evil baby killing abortion. Raphael Warnock will not get my conservative vote 🗳

  2. "She understands what it takes to be successful in the business world"
    Like marring rich, buying a Senate seat and trading stocks on insider information.

  3. The only Democrat that did not lie, is Jane Fonda she openly said the COVID-19 virus is God's GIFT to the Democrats!!!!!!! She is right, It has made possible the most crooked fraudulent election in the history of the United States. You can see by the way they kept Joe Biden hidden in the basement their strategy was not to really win legal votes it was to shut down the election at just the right time find out how many votes they needed then crank up dominion and 4 AM mail drops in the Key States and use all the money that China has indirectly supplied to them to fraudulently win the election for president, that's obvious because so many ballots only voted for the president nothing on the down-ballot!!!!!! Do you really think this was a fair election – come on man!!!!!!!!

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  5. When Trump leaves, I hope he takes this low-life scalawag (Marsha B.) with him.

  6. Omars husband took allocated Covid money.

  7. This fraudulent election is ridiculous and it is riddled with all kinds of issues that make this unconstitutional. President Trump won by a LANDSLIDE.

  8. Only one choice in this world matters:
    1) Will you build YOUR kingdom and serve yourself as you prop yourself up.
    2) Will you serve God and submit to His Kingdom. Serving others than yourself.
    Get to know Jesus before it is too late.


  9. Georgia is so disgusted with the Governor and Secretary of State. They don’t care about the senate races. Neither one is supporting President Trump about election fraud. They just walk the fence. If Biden is president let’s give him the senate. Let’s see what kind of president he really is

  10. The useful plaster formally bounce because quit naively grip barring a vagabond industry. inquisitive, tiresome lion

  11. It's more important how voters will react and it's pretty unlikely that the majority will vote for Loeffler after her disgusting performance!! Let's wait and see!

  12. It only makes sense that if you are a good employee, you will be a good business owner. If you are not a good employee, you haven't learned anything.

  13. We need real people who care about humanity and not those strange ones who harvest the rest of us for their feeding systems.

  14. Warnock kicked out of his ministry because he had racists remarks

  15. Why did Marsha explain Loeffler’s life better than Loeffler???

  16. Once you cheat you will continue till someone prosecutes. They commited voter fraud and they do it again and thier corrupt courts will back them Georgia is a disgrace to the USA

  17. Republicans either stand for president Trump or else Will Not be reelected by we the people

  18. Write and call senators, representatives, legislators, AG and governor in your state, ask them to join Texas in suing for voter equity. SCOTUS needs to uphold the constitution.

  19. We do need that very badly. Not everyone had unemployment. This has been hell for me. And you know for months and months and months we've been strung along call Nancy Pelosi but ice cream and had vacations while we sit here and starve and can't pay our bills. When I heard that they weren't going to include stimulus check I could do nothing but cry. Please hear us


  21. This Youtuber watcher calls The AP lying POS for calling the Presidential race for Joe Biden. Who voted them into office to make calls on anything. See more on Google. Correcting irregularities my butt…More like stealing votes.

  22. I would not trust Warnock or anyone who is a Democrat and can justify killing babies🙏🏾
    “For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open” (Luke, 8:17). God has already decided. “Declaring the end from the beginning” (Isa. 46:10). “Let God arise, let His enemies be scattered” (Psa. 68:1)

  23. This lier network insinuate she worked her way up into senate. SHE DID NOT.
    She was appointed because of rich and powerful husband she married.

  24. Good patriots need to ignore Faux news

  25. marsha is not at all in touch with the common american.. she thinks that little 1200 is no big deal for us.. stop bailing out corporations and help the american people.. they arent trying to help small business.. small businesses are the only ones i have seen have to close because of the gov actions.. i live in tn and it would be easier to name places not hiring then those that have signs out looking for workers.. the unemployment payments are hurtful though because why would someone go to work and make less then half of what they can by drawing unemployment

  26. Be sure to speak glowing talking points for this RINO. I'll vote for her, since the racist pastor is even worse, but if, indeed, Biden becomes President, watch that RINO blow around in the wind…kiss those Democrat boots.

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