Sen. Mitt Romney won’t seek reelection in 2024 | ABCNL

Utah Sen. Mitt Romney announced his retirement from the Senate. Plus, House Republicans launched an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.

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  2. He has made his millions. He is out deserting the sinking ship.

  3. The best president the USA never had, Mitt Romney. He got laughed at for saying Russia was the greatest foe. He would have been much tougher on the Russians after Crimea Annexation and Trump would be nowhere. Oh what a shame that he didnt won in 2012.

  4. Baby Boomer Political Officials should've challenged the next generation to step up 10-20 years ago! A little late. Would not be surprising that 1776 & Woke Political Officials rule the Century!

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  6. 1st ABC. Is a Chinese network not American 2nd what a POS RHINO WE will take our country back either you snakes leave and dissappear or or WE THE PEOPLE WILL GET PHYSICAL IF THATS WHERE YOU TAKE US

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  8. Great news. They should all get fired they are all too old and do absolutely nothing just get paid to do nothing but actually make things worst for the people.

  9. Now get out of Utah you scumbag!

  10. Finally some good news!!! RINO!!! Good riddens!!!

  11. Kevin does not have the votes.
    Is a propagandist of lies. Trump's boggest puppet.

  12. I am so sorry I voted for this Jackass.

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    မိမိကိုမိမိ တရားပိုင်ရှင်ဘုရားဟု ကြွေးကျော်နိုင်သောသူ ၍အကောက်ကိုရက်ပေါ်င်း ၃၆၀ အတွင်းဆက်သွယ်နိုင်သည်)

  14. Rhino, Maga, Lets go Brandon…I swear Republicans are weirdos. Its definitely a cult at this point. Everything is some random slogan lol.

  15. If it weren’t for the fact that I
    voted for him as there was no other
    choice I would have forgotten that
    he ever ran at all.

  16. He needs to advise Nancy Pelosi to do the same thing. The group that is in office is so old. Nancy Pelosi 84, Mitch McConnell 82, Dianne Feinstein 90, Joe Biden 80, Donald Trump 78. All of these Baby Boomers need to retire. They screwed up the country with entitlements that mostly benefited themselves and the rich elites. i.e. Social Security borrowed to pay for wars, nothing will be left after they pass away. All the generations after them get nothing but high inflation and unemployment and their debt they created for us. Time to move on you old farts you pillaged the USA enough, you can't take the billions you have into the afterlife. Both parties screwed the USA over.

  17. It's good he's not wasting his time and money. We found out he's really a Dem, so maybe if he changed to the party he really is he might have a chance.

  18. Finally someone wiith some decency to step down. 🎉🎉🎉

    Fainter and McDonnell should do the same, they are so same!

  19. All of those old clown should resign I never come back again.

  20. Mitt , should do that long time ago.. no more crying now …🤪😜😛

  21. He worth $249-300 MILLION so he GOT HIS it's why thieves with money become politicians, so they can steal BIGGER. It's how the wealthy get/stay wealthy.
    Inheritence and expensive lawyers. Money keeps money.

  22. Trump for president 2024… we love you Sir..🌷🌺🌸🌹

  23. Too bad he's a nazi supporter

  24. Im conservative and forgot allll about Romney still bein round.

  25. About freaking time. Get this POS rino out of there.

  26. Fantastic, lets never see Mitt again. And fantastic that Congress will now tear through Bidens life, much life Dems did to Trump. Fairplay.

  27. He is a Looser , not going to win

  28. Understandable…but he’s one of the last remaining sane GQPers left. Most likely, there will be no recognizable GQP left after the insane circus called “impeachment” of Biden and the imprisonment of The Orange Used Douchebag, so he’s getting out at the right time.

  29. He would have not won anyway. Biden 2024 Vote Blue