Saturday , October 16 2021
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Sen. Rubio: Biden administration has an 'insane allergy to anything Trump'

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., argues ‘woke rhetoric is crashing into real world situations’ and it’s ‘not working out’ for the Biden administration.

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  1. Not an "ALLERGY", rather an insane HATRED for anything Trump or American.

  2. So, we have a situation in "America" now where the "elected " President has personally declared war on America and is supporting the Marxist Democrat takeover of every part of the country. The nation is being betrayed by the Democrats and everyone is just going along with it.

  3. President Trump did what was good for America. This administration is not about doing the opposite of the President, they are about doing what is BAD for America. Make no mistake.

  4. If the Republicans can't seem to stop anything and the gov can't seem to prevent extreme dangers made by its own actions THEN THEY NEED TO BE REMOVED ALL THE WAY…REPUBLICANS ONLY PROVE ANTIFA IS RIGHT IF IT CANT STOP ANTIFA DUMBASSES!!

  5. How is podesta eve still walking free MFs!!

  6. Stolen elections have consequences.

  7. The Chinese Communist Party is laughing like never before at how stupid and weak the Biden-Harris Admin is.

  8. The Docrat has the Bejedus Scared out of them.frpm Trump still.

  9. Tell the truth..its AGENDA 30..all planned. This is a global takeover.

  10. Very right Xi stand how can a country remain rising unless there is political discipline!

  11. Hunter Biden lap-top is full of Biden family corruption and naked children.
    When are you going to talk about this FOX?

  12. Let them be set free in the country, we need more target practice

  13. Maybe CCP could “disappear” the Biden regime

  14. Ever grande is what happens when communism is in control. Everyone needs to quit doing business with China. It is poison.

  15. ive never noticed his ears holy dracula! Still love the man though.

  16. lol lets dispell with this fiction that barack obama doesnt know what he's doing, he knows exactly what he's doing

  17. Rubio is in the bed with those bastards too.

  18. It amazes me that the Republicans are not pushing back as hard as the democrats are pushing crap…Lets get to work…

  19. Yeh Marco, people kinda have a problem when the President of the United States has 560,000 of the people he is supposed to be protecting die from his lame to no response to a deadly virus. Go figure?

  20. I wish Rubio will be vice president with Trump next election.

  21. Marco rubio is a bk stabbing table flipping coward needs to go .. flip flopping

  22. Rubio it's a dangerous Dictatorship takeover of America 🇺🇸!!!

  23. Biden and Harris are bought and paid for by China 🇨🇳!!!!

  24. Please !! United States of corruption shall not talk about China and they’s problem in the market . The incredibly big corruption and manipulation USA have in they own stock market are 10 times worse then China !!

  25. Any one invested in a CCP company will get burned, there is zero rule of law there.

  26. BIDEN /KAMALA and ADMIN just HATE AMERICA, AMERICANS and PRES. TRUMP. Thus they reversed everything Pres. TRUMP did for the USA🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸. BIDEN /KAMALA are PRO TALIBANS, CCP CHINA and IRAN 🇨🇳🇮🇷😎.

  27. Haha. Like we even have good idea of the health of American companies and finances. It's all screwed. The banks and rich reptiles of the world have run almost every country and bank into the ground.

  28. Biden should have never been able to run for President in the first place.
    All those involved with China are destroying America.
    China will pull the rug out at a whim while Americans loose millions. Find out where you pensions are placed..


  30. There’s no Area whatsoever that dumbo Biden can outsmart the Chinese actually bido needs to beware that XI Doesn’t kick his but into ORBIT

  31. 중공ㅡ북괴ㅡ남괴ㅡ파산임박ㅡ바이든총살ㅡ가짜ㅡㅡㅡ씹쟁이들ㅡ민주당다때려죽이자ㅡㅡㅡ돌중

  32. All I heard is "I am good, you are good, China is bad, Biden is bad and bla…bla…bla…! 🧐

  33. Kinda of like you did while Trump was running the country, all you did was Rip Trump the whole time. Don't trust this POS!

  34. Bidens jealous of President Trump!

  35. so they are taking in sickness that is what the people at the boarder got and i dont want them here they take jobs and they take home from the people that was here first and u guys pay them to live it here why dont u fix american and let them go home and fix the people the problems here who care about the people dont believe here

  36. Biden is 10 percent worth. ONLY, AMERICANS, 16 CENTS DISCOUNT ONLY. CHEAP?!!

  37. Biden isn't saying anything about c hina because c hina has paid off j oe and Hunter both….no other president would let this slide. ONLY BIDEN.

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