Sunday , April 18 2021
Home / News / Sen. Rubio challenges MLB commissioner over Augusta golf club membership

Sen. Rubio challenges MLB commissioner over Augusta golf club membership

Former Marlins President David Samson explains why he believes MLB relocated the All-Star Game from Georgia to Colorado.

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  1. The MLB is owned by China you have no say Americans

  2. Those players get way too much money!!! Why not to kick them out! For political reason😀

  3. I will not be going to or watching any baseball games this year .
    Sports should not be political.
    Georgia's new laws have nothing to do with race .
    We MUST have honest elections !

  4. I think we need to demand that Manfred cancel his Augusta membership or he gets cancelled!

  5. Manfred told kemp that he knew the law was fair but that he was under too much pressure to make the move. They should not have an All star game this year…..

  6. All of this because of the ignorance of the players and organization. Whom do not even want to know the truth.

  7. If it is players causing this and they want to play politics, politicians should squeeze the pricks.

  8. If players wanted to move , boycott those games .

  9. I know FIRE them ..good start

  10. I would like to hear this from the players..

  11. is this guy right? or b.s.

  12. Who cares? Watching baseball, unless your child is on the team, is boring. At the end of 7 innings, no runs, no hits, nobody on base and let's just go home and watch the PGA or drag racing."

  13. Another words these athletes are idiots

  14. MLB is toast with me , done , wont buy coke products ever again

  15. BOYCOTT BASEBALL. Look people- that means you stop going to games, stop going to sports team uniform shops, stop supporting the MLB. It might take a little "painful" year of not watching your favorite sport-but you will be amazed when you see how much power you have when you pull together. You boycott MLB and sports? You will see how fast they get out of politics.

  16. i will not watch the alstar game, what a bunch of loser !!

  17. Sounds like buck passing. They couldn't find 2 teams worth of players willing to play. Come on man!


  19. Wonder what the players would do if the paycheck didn’t show up?

  20. It’s funny how shocked this fox host was when his guest didn’t aggressively with him lock stock and barrel.

  21. Don't care. Not subscribe 👍

  22. Baseball…. YOU'RE OUT!
    Players….. Hope you all have fun driving taxis and trucks or working in the kitchens of what's left of CHUCK-E-CHEESE.

  23. No one is saying a thing about how the fans feel. He thinks it’s a big deal if the players don’t show up. How much money did they lose when the fans couldn’t show up last year? Hope the fans don’t show up for the game.

  24. MBL is a WOKE SUPREMACIST organization: the new racist movement. They moved from a black city to a white Denver. Shame!

  25. Baseball is funny. 95% of mlb players blatantly cheat and nothing is done to preserve the integrity of the sport. (Look up how many teams are employing scientists to make them custom 'foriegn substances' to cheat with) Now all of a sudden mlb cares about integrity? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  26. This is dumb. If the players refuse to play, let them. Then sue them for breaking contract. It's very simple. Mlb pays the players MILLIONS, and there are contract requirements. They don't play, they don't get $. They'll shut up and play real quick if it's going to hurt their pocket. If we learned anything from nfl and nba it's that these clowns will put on a theatrical show of kneeling and crying, but won't refuse to play if it will cost them money. Let them lose $ and fans by refusing to play.

  27. MLB are 🤡's Colorado and Georgia have totally similar voting laws anyways!🤯 I hope those ignorant players feel really STUPID when they realize what idiots they are! Guess $ can't buy you common sense or even HIRE you someone to help you out with that! 😂 Durrrrrr.

  28. Boycott the game completely, players can go get a proper job.

  29. Then make those players come out publicly else you're just making it up.

  30. So nobody read the law, the black players, the commissioner… no one! Or Biden lol

  31. Then you know what you get rid of all of them there's a whole bunch of miners it'll come right up into the pros no problem

  32. If these players are pulling bs woke crap like this and have pulled out of georgia. Then the people who believe in America should boycott the all star game and protest the hell out of it. BLM can why not anyone else.

  33. MLB players are either ignorant or stupid. Facts can overcome ignorance, but you can't fix stupid.

  34. take the players paycheck and add players who want to play in the Allstar game

  35. Atlanta 51% black denver is 9%

  36. Better yet , Augusta revoke his membership. If he doesn't care about your state screw him.

  37. This is why I think unions need to be regulated. Unions originally started out helping and supporting working being abused by their bosses. Today unions such as teachers or players unions too often hold people hostage for their own personal goals. In my opinion this should be stopped. When union members become unreasonable in their demands than employers should have the right to dismiss them from their employment.

  38. Stupidity is stupidity. Basically, you said the players are a bunch dumbasses, so he just gave them what they want for being dumb. Solid plan.

  39. 570,260 deaths 31,560,438 covid cases, 2000 Americans are dying every day from the Trump virus, even after his WH took control of all hospital data from the CDC 'it is what it is' since Trump allowed over 40,000 infected citizens to enter from China via Europe after his shutdown.

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