Sen. Scott: We know the Biden administration 'targets' their opponents

Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., raises concerns that the federal government will ‘come after you’ for your political position. #FOXBusiness

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  1. As the former director of the central intelligence delivered a commence address His advice was Admitt nothing deny everything and make counteraccusations

  2. Why are we not asking why president Trump had this in his possession in the first place when he wrote a law in 2018 making it a federal crime to take government property? End of story.

  3. Scott if you have your racist way America will return to slavery

  4. Who ever o.k. this belongs in prison

  5. They are in denial-this is a coup of the government-it’s a dictatorship now-they have seized and corrupted all areas of the government while our senators and congressman did little. They still play the game that this will change with the next election-I pray it can but this has been coming for years as they slowly infiltrated and corrupted the massive federal power.

  6. This makes Watergate looks like kindergarten.

  7. We know how trumpf ordered the justice dept to target Biden and 24 more people personally.

  8. Using tactics like this is very dangerous to the country. Whenever the government changes presidents and a new party takes power, then the new party in power can use the same tactics to seek revenge. The ax swings both ways in politics, beware how you use your power.

  9. Every military man has sworn an oath to defend the nation against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC. Looking at you, KGB. Er, I mean, FBI.

  10. It's not a star! He's a statesman! President worthy of the great, victorious and magnanimous Russian nation!
    Bloomberg: Putin remains victorious in energy markets as crisis hits Europe.

  11. all this while the Washington post retracts is news who is dictating to whom and what?? the FBI around the world has been made a laughing stock by its management

  12. Rick Scott. When are you going to start subpoenaing. When are you going to start prosecution.

    You have no power? But they do?
    Your giving them the power and you know it.

    Your hands are not that tied.
    Non of any of your hands are not that tied.

    You were elected to protect the people and this country from things like this.
    Go in and start rounding up every one.

    You not doing anything Only telling me your involved.
    By the way. Where were you before this started? Your not helpless but you wan't to put yourself out there like you are and all the rest of you.

    Sitting back knowing what they are doing to our country!

    The AMERICAN people will remember you and people like you. It's coming down to people are going to have to step up and take all of you out!

    Chip Roy made a plan and best statement to Nadler. You and people like you better wake up.
    You need to start getting woke. But not in Democrat woke.
    Many of people do not believe you are them!
    People getting sick of this tyranny! And seems your involved also!
    Because your hands are tied 🤥lier!

  13. the new communist party ?

  14. they got no answers because they are corrupt and waiting to find a reason . good luck with that.

  15. It was a fishing raid they looking for anything and them going through melanias things sounds like a panty sniffing raid !!

  16. It's all about corruption the dems are corrupt

  17. Who's going to over see the irs that over sees americans ?

  18. Well, the 87,000 IRS agents obviously haven't been hired yet, but I can imagine the pre-application questionnaire….
    Of color…..check
    Recent illegal immigrant…..check
    Skip lines 3 through 43…..
    Your hired….
    Welcome to the Internal Revenue Service.

  19. Another channel mentioned 4 items removed- letter from Kim Jung Un and a 2nd from Obama, a cocktail napkin and a birthday party menu. What do these 4 items have to do with any ongoing investigations?? They went thru Melania's wardrobe- were her clothes made from documents?? Certainly with as many hours as they took for their raid of his home, they had time to weed out unimportant items.

  20. And war on children ..

  21. If our government comes after us, the majority out here they should remember one thing : We are not politicians, we shoot back !

  22. Trump was the most lawless president in history. You either saw it and don't care, or you are blind.

  23. We don't need answers. We already know the answers, which the traitors will never admit to. We need revenge.

  24. Question. If Pres. Obama left office with15 boxes of classified documents, what would you be talking about? Donald Trump is not a victim. There is no deep state. Trump stole top secret classified documents. They repeatedly told him not to do this. Trump refused to return the documents. Why?.