Sen. Sinema Signs Off On Inflation Reduction Act

Senator Kyrsten Sinema signed off on Democratic legislation that would provide new spending to mitigate climate change and extend health care access while taxing corporations. She agreed to the bill upon removing a provision that would’ve closed the carried interest loophole, which benefits wealthy hedge fund managers, and adding to the bill billions in drought relief funds.

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  1. Bring back the dislike count so us peons voices can me counted.

  2. I knew sinema was no good

  3. Lol, Just Visiting. I dont get upset when I play Monopoly. I dont get upset when play Earth. The game of Earth is best played when you realize its a game. Most believe its real.

  4. I guess the company is gonna have to reduce it size . So it only makes 999million . Sorry your laid off

  5. Three trillion dollar spending bill for Biden creates an inflation and recession. Now he wants billions more. But, this time he rename it to inflation deduction.
    Please vote in 2022 to remove these parasite.

  6. 15% corporate minimum tax, yet you Republican voters think the GOP gives a hoot about your peasant lives

  7. The Republican senators showed in plainest terms their affinity for Big Pharma, Hedge Funds, Corporates and yet peasant Republicans are here defending them lol

  8. Can one of you working class Rs explain to me why you think Republican Senators care about you? They showed again and again in this bill they only care about Big Pharma, Hedge funds, big oil

  9. Seems a lot of magats cant be bothered to read the cliffnotes. This bill is net positive and pays for itself with corporate minimum taxes, to say nothing of domestic jobs, cleaner air, lower drug prices

  10. So many folks OD'ing on Fox news can't be bothered with the facts, this is a major win for us working folks seeing corporates pay their fair share. But tell me more how Trump cares about you peasants

  11. Just call it for what it is: the increase inflation act. That way the sheep might finally wake the f__k up.

  12. Just remember this when you go to vote in November!
    The Democrats want an ARMY of IRS agents to hurt the working taxpayers!

    Wow…This DEMOCRAT Inflation Reduction Act calls for hiring 68,000 NEW IRS AGENTS/AUDITORS! Doubling the staff of the IRS!

    Why do they want to beef up the IRS if the Democrats are always proclaiming…"The Democrats are the party of the people"? Are They?

    I'd make sure to vote, OUT OF OFFICE, any member of Congress or the Senate that votes for this bill.

    You should know that this is not to go after the WEALTHY, POLITICALLY CONNECTED, or POLITICIANS! These IRS Agents are being hired to go after the middle class, lower middle class, and the poor!

  13. I thoughts dems said inflation was transitory so why this act?

  14. Beijing Obiden and the Parasitic Communist Democraps making the CCP and communist China great again and still the indoctrinated and weak minded sheep who are still dumb enough to vote for them have no clue what they are doing !

  15. God this country is truly done! Get ready for starvation and death! Thanks liberals for a job well done

  16. This bill will destroy America. We need to stop printing and handing out money!

  17. You guys will be reporting oh my god they inflation is high! God bless us!

  18. NBC-Nimnuls Backing Communism

  19. I’m a straight up moron and even I know that this type of stuff just prolongs the pain.

  20. What a disaster. Sinema got bribed for her vote. 48 other democrats are morons. Huge L for the American people

  21. Inflation Producer you mean. The Hope and Change 2.0 Chinese KNock-off

  22. Tax loop holers pay her to lobby. Saul fate for a racist Christian state. Fitting.

  23. It's too bad January 6th wasn't an actual Insurrection everybody in the government needs to be afraid of the people

  24. There is no greater joy in the world than watching EVERYONE suffer as a result of their OWN deviant actions. ABSOLUTE ZERO EXCEPTIONS. ABSOLUTE ZERO EMPATHY.

  25. She just SIGHNED her DEATH sentence.