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Sen. Sullivan: We have to stop being the world's cyber punching bag

Alaska Republican weighs in on the ongoing issues surrounding surge in ransomware attacks on ‘Kudlow.’ #FoxBusiness #Kudlow

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  1. We need the Russians to hack our voting machines to fix them and make them normal

  2. You didn't have that type of trouble when the real president Donald Trump was in

  3. We should hire our own nightshift and blank those commie drunks up. It's not rocket surgery.

  4. I would love to buy an AMERICAN MADE CELL PHONE!!

  5. Once you pay ransom to criminals , they're not going to stop….

  6. And the Worlds PIGGY BANK!

  7. This is money laundering, from the cartel administration.

  8. Thank heavens that the Dominion voting machine are super safe from hacking?

  9. Biden is a weak-minded coward, just like Obama, and that's the problem. Never pay a ransom…hurt people instead.

  10. No mention of China and isreal? U mentioned Russia as the democratic buzz words but nil on the top two hacking masters. ……

  11. Biden Anti-Energy is Anti-Energy Biden Family doesn't own.
    See: Riding The Dragon: The Biden's Chinese Secrets (Full Documentary)
    What They Own with CCP Chinese Military. It is stunning & Revealing.

  12. 599,314 deaths 33,664,013 covid cases, 2000 Americans are dying every day from the Trump virus, even after his WH took control of all hospital data from the CDC 'it is what it is' since Trump allowed over 40,000 infected citizens to enter from China via Europe after his shutdown…

  13. Stop buying anything Chinese. We need to decouple and fumigate. Government can help leapfrog technology to set up smallish private factories to make everything we need from tools and hardware, to clothes pegs to wonderful, strong Correlle coffee mugs that can be passed on to great grandkids. Also all phones and computers and all electronics, and all of it of the best quality. Hit the ccp in the pocket. They have been screwing us for years. Trade with the other democracies. Get Trump in office now!!!! Get the illegals busy managing the forest fuel, it is a spectacular asset.

  14. Americas nerds are too busy hacking other Americans. Just sick

  15. Nutty policies from nutty Democrats

  16. Geez your masculine commercial is interesting you and your boys together, but letting him shave you hmm I get it that is a fake razor isn't it ,If not my man your brave .

  17. If they can hack a pipe line they can hack an election !

  18. Russia, Russia, Russia. How much you want to bet Russia had nothing to do with this? The Democrats have been lying about Russia for 5 years. Why is anyone paying any attention to them now?

  19. I believe it is very possibly a hoax to Further Control Americans by Geriatric Feeble Minded Nursing Home Escapees just like the planted bombs at the DNC and RNC on 01/05!

  20. I'm not saying the Colonial pipeline wasn't 'hacked'. I am saying the term 'hacked' is the most thoroughly abused and exploited term ever, since the dawn of the Internet and electronic news media. It has no rigorous definition, it means whatever the person, pundit, government agency, or media organization wants it to mean, and in spite of that gaping 'loophole', no one is ever required provide their definition, not to mention proof or evidence as to the particular [supposed] incident they are attempting to explain. Decades ago ('70's & '80s) the term 'Hacker' did have a very specific meaning, but it had nothing whatsoever to do with 'breaking in to a computer network'. Want proof? Try this: back then, computer networks were few and far between, and there was no 'anonymous community of network users'. As networks evolved, and passwords with them, the term 'hacking' took on its secondary meaning.

    Once diletante civil-governments began utilizing computer networks, the term "we were hacked" was adopted as a catch-all excuse for bureaucratic incompetence, and to this day, that is its most reliable (but almost never verifiable) meaning. Case in point: when Private Manning was charged with hacking government computers and making a copy of a State Department database (which later ended up on Wikileaks), the most plausible explanation for Manning having 'found' an un-encrypted copy of that database on his DOD computer, was that someone in the IT-admin group at the military base where Manning was stationed had made a temporary 'in-the-clear' copy of the database as a backup during an admin procedure, and neglected to erase it when they were done. Of course, no one in the IT-admin group wanted to risk being found negligent, so by consensus, all involved decided to go with the "Private Manning hacked it…' explanation.

    This same institutional canard is routinely used by our government. Whether its the CIA or the FBI or the DOJ called upon to explain a security breach, the goto-explanation is a) "We were hacked", and b) the 'Hackers' are usually either Russians, Chinese, or North Koreans. Any attempt to investigate what actually happened, or require the agency to describe 'how their security procedures' were breached, gets the same response:

    "That information is classified."

    In the current case, I have yet to hear anyone ask the operators of the Colonial pipe-line why their critical facilities management software systems were even connected to the Internet in the first place. There is absolutely no reason that critical infrastructure such as a pipeline should be physically accessible to a global public network. (BTW, the same goes for computer-based vote counting machines, such as those in use by various states who reported statistically improbable changes in vote-counts over the course of the 2020 election.)

    Bottom-line: when a government agency claims its been 'hacked', the actual probable cause is not nefarious teams of 'genius hackers' roaming the Internet, the probable cause is either blatant incompetence on the part of somebody at that agency or private contractor, or deliberate internally generated compromises to whatever network security systems were supposed to be in-effect at that agency/contractor.

    Bottom-line for the Colonial pipe-line? Now that we know they considered 'paying off ransoms demanded by hackers' to be the default solution to this 'problem', we know any legitimate attempt to identify those responsible for this massive screw-up, should start with the principles, employees, and/or third-party contractors with access to the pipeline's facilities management software. Given the amount of money being paid as 'ransom', it ought to be possible to track down who among them may be taking a cut from the ransom. (?)

    But why do that when we have a national media willing to provide cover for anyone and everyone who is part of our thoroughly corrupt, political elite? Far preferable that they blame it on the Russians, Donald Trump, or both.

  21. Cyber hacker-bounties. Gloves off. At what point do we realize were at WAR and under attack? We will see who has the best hackers……

  22. This had nothing to do with Russia. Russia did not ransom a pipeline for a measly 5 million dollars. Obviously it was for profit hackers. Larry proves he is still human garbage by shouting "Russia Russia Russia", just after sabotaging the Trump recovery with his idiotic strong dollar. Shut your idiot pie hole Kudlow.

  23. Shut down pipelines and laid off American people, while buying oil from Russia. How stupid can we get? That’s not going green! It’s not like we stop using oil. We still use it. Except, we’re making Russia richer.

  24. The imaginary path luckily produce because innocent naively ruin following a thinkable octopus. paltry, fabulous star

  25. No more suckerpuchs ! Good for you.

  26. It's because everything in America is about the most dollar you have that comes before god

  27. Colonial was a test, on us.

  28. Mark Gonzalez human rights project

  29. Larry Kudlow: definitely, one of the most UNDER-RATED reporters — financial or otherwise — on the national scene. If the "comatose culture" — read: anti-liberty regressives — runs true to form, sadly, he will not get the recognition and viewership that he deserves.

  30. REDHAT Security Lias jamal elias Clinton Madrid Club Tony Clinton

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