Sen. Ted Cruz: A rail strike would be 'catastrophic' to the economy

Sen. Ted Cruz blames President Biden and Democrats ahead of a national railroad strike that is set to begin early December on ‘Kudlow.’ #foxbusiness #kudlow

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  1. I'm so happy I made productive decisions about my finances that changed my life forever. I'm a single mother living in Melbourne Australia, bought my second house in September and hoping to retire next year at 43 if things keep going smoothly for me.


  3. The best way to avert a rail strike and give railroad workers what they want is to only pass the bill if it includes the amendment that would include seven days of paid sick leave. But while quite a few Republicans in the House voted in favor of the original bill, 0 voted in favor of the amendment, so I don't know what is going to happen. It seems like Cruz is going to vote against both.

  4. This is the perfect opportunity for Republicans to stand with union workers and show about the democratically controlled Congress is not on their side

  5. Americans are TOUGH and Ted Cruz stand's with TYRANNY

  6. Don't RAIL WORKERS pay into their own PENSION funds

  7. With Bumbles inflation actually at about 24% annually rail workers are still on the losing end!

  8. They act like they don’t know trains run on diesel fuel so what good is it the railroad strike being settled when they won’t be able to deliver anyway no diesel fuel remember that’s what they are telling us

  9. IX. I'm very happy that the Conservatives are now controlling the House. That will force Pr Biden to transform its demand policies into supply ones. Remember what happened under Pr Obama. In 2010 when the GOP took the control of the House, the Radical Socialist Obama did cut the tax of the rich: more than $120 billion tax cut.

  10. VII. Currently, in the whole west, most of Unions are calling for the increase of their wage because of the current geopolitics tension and its associated high rate of inflation. This could be a huge mistake. Of course we need to help them but not to increase their wage. VIII. So many speculation as well about strikes. France, UK, Italy, US among others, most of the unions are getting to strike because of the inflation. It's their right but not need for more speculations and instability also. Of course, currently, their negotiation power is high because of the LABOR SHORTAGE, but not need to abuse neither. Everyone needs to know that for the past 70 years, the whole world was engaged into AN INFLATION-PRODUCING ECONOMY ERA. Meaning that we don't deal with a transitory inflation but a SUSTAINABLE INFLATION THAT IS CALLED TO LAST. In fact, current massive investment in green, clean, digital, inclusion, infrastructure, health, education, military and defense among others increase the risk of inflation. What matters is to have a moderate inflation not excessive inflation. That's why we need more supply policies because they help regulate the inflation with the market mechanisms on the one hand while helping upgrade in value chains on the second hand. Upstream economies are more resilient to inflation than downstream and middlestream economies. Highly-skilled and high-income workers are more resilient to inflation than low-income and middle-income workers in our high-income and upstream economies.

  11. Need proof that Republicans are no different than Democrats? Yesterday during a conference meeting the House Republicans voted AGAINST a ban on Earmarks being put into legislation. Just let that sink in.

  12. Give them what they need. Help American first. MAGA

  13. I. Hi there everyone! II. Workforce is the best asset of US. No matter the time and circumstances, we always need to do all our best to help them, to protect them and empower them. III. Tot agree with you Ted when you said GOP is now the party of Blue col. By extension, it's the Party of All! We all have in mind the slogan of Pr Trump: " America First". The current Conservative era is determined to put the interest of Americans first. IV. And we replace all of that in current context, we are called to do more. V. Everyone needs to understand that Inflation always accelerates the transfer of the wealth of workforce. It decreases their buying power. Therefore, this loss needs to be compensated. It could be done at the Micro level, Meso level or Macro level. Every corporate needs to help their workforce during the period of high rate of inflation. Cities also can help. At the Macro level, I don't know too much all the details about the Biden's Inflation Act. But, all the workforce needs to be helped. VI. However, there's no need to exagerate neither. THE INCREASE OF WAGE IS LINKED TO THE ONE OF PRODUCTIVITY. When a federal government increases the minimum wage or use a decret to increase wage can also stimulate inflationary pressure.

  14. People that is absolutely correct to do it that way. It is called planned illness days or PID. LOL

  15. Teachers get paid better and get better benefits than Railroad workers but teachers going on strike would never anchor the entire economy down. That's what's wrong with Marxist Democrat policies.


  17. President Biden thinks kicking the Can over a freeway is the right thing to do but he actually make a wild fire in his own back yard.

  18. Man over paid, corrupt Unions formerly known as the MOB

  19. Well if everything remains consistent with what Joe Biden's done in the past welcome the Railroad Strike let's go Brandon

  20. When unions and government get involved negotiating …. the taxpayer is going to be decimated.

    A 24% raise and nobody is happy. Give them a 10% raise and their sick leave, period.

  21. Dear Sen. Cruz just so you know, they already ruined the energy sector, the banking industry, the medical field, the trucking/ shipping industry, our education system, holy matrimony and right to life, guns, and freedom of speech, and most of the guaranteed Constitution. So, what's the point in caving to the RR demands??? Give them six months off, or a year, who cares! Apparently none of these other issues are "catastrophic" enough! Omg! Imo

  22. Every raise I have gotten was already eaten up with higher health insurance costs, now the rate of inflation has eaten up even more. Now you can get a raise and still lose money!

  23. The strike would be good for America now. Here we have a simple talking point. They want time off. They love working but have no time off, especially sick leave.

    Ted Cruz . Just place this on Biden. He spent 90 billion somewhere else. It wouldn't take a billion to pay for time off for the Railroad workers. So here is where Republicans should not let Biden use a War Footing congressional measure to be applied during our days of peace in America.
    We are not at war in America.
    There is no way that Congress can force people to work if we are not in a war.

  24. Trucker's, Railroads and others are the backbone of our country, only so much a person can handle, get it done proper, keep it fair, just fix it, that's it, yes it really sucks going to the pump or doing groceries, paying double

  25. You're wrong Ted, I want to see it happen. The more economic hurt this administration emplaces upon the American people the more the people will turn against democrat crap policies

  26. Every rail worker needs to get FMLA.
    Once you qualify, the companies cannot question why you took the day off.
    Also, if you have sick time, you will get paid.

  27. Dementia Joe stabbed the unions in the back.
    Yet, the unions management teams are in the Democrats back pocket.
    I am in a union.
    I became a union objector.
    I pay half dues.
    Reason being, my union only supports Democrats with my union dues.
    Union officials in my union make over $180K a year, from my dues.
    They wasted money.
    The other day, a notice was placed on the board, about our local union reps going to Las Vegas for a convention and training.
    30K was requested from our dues to pay for this week.
    Did ZOOM go out of business?

  28. If "the company" really can't afford the deal on the table, would it be possible to give the workers the sick days that need and consider offering a 20% pay increase instead of 25%? Is the average railworer's salary actually $125K currently?

  29. Biden is the best president, China ever had! F_ ck Joe Biden!

  30. Oh, well then, a rail strike is necessary. You all should expect it to happen.