Senate dress code will not be enforced, draws criticism from GOP #Shorts

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says the dress code will not be enforced, allowing for a more casual, Silicon Valley-style Senate.

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U.S. senators no longer have to dress to impress.

Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Monday that staff for the chamber’s Sergeant-at-Arms will no longer be tasked with enforcing a dress code on the Senate floor.

With Congress debating a possible government shutdown and whether there should be age limits for lawmakers, the Senate’s dress code change comes to mostly accommodate Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman, who unapologetically wears his trademark hoodies and shorts as does his duties. Fetterman often votes from doorways or sticks his head inside the chambers to avoid getting into trouble for his more casual wear.

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  1. If I we’re GUARANTEED small government and that every government representative were of the finest moral fiber and put the interests of the American citizens above all else, I would happily accept people wearing homeless garb…. Although I shouldn’t have to settle.

  2. If the people that represent our nation can’t dress professionally then what that say about what they really think about the country they are supposed to represent

  3. I'm waiting to see the day the Democrats come to the floor wearing blue or green hair. And all their piercings with their flip flops on. They act stupid now they're dressing stupid.

  4. Thats what they care about? Right now? Really?

  5. This is disgraceful. Shows how much respect for the office has died.

  6. Does he have a medical excuse or something ?

  7. Then we all should be senators.

  8. A regular suit cannot hide Fettermans Quasimodo hump. That why he wears a hoodie….the hood covers up that alien parasite.

  9. We should all hold ourselves to higher standards. You break down all boundaries and there ends up no morals to guide us and create a more decent people.

  10. Really, he can't wear a suit and tie. I don't want to hear excuses.

  11. Even Frankenstein wore long pants and jacket

  12. GOP upset about something? Let me put my shocked face on. When you can’t tell the difference between terrorist and tourist you should be upset

  13. Further proof that the GOP don't understand the value of first impression when they meet others, not least foreign dignitaries. It's also evidence that the GOP are a bunch of circus clowns.

  14. 2 terms and out. Bunch of thieves.

  15. No – don't change rules
    It shows lack of respect
    For your job! Take your

  16. Chuck need covid boosters. A lot of em

  17. Dudes a scam artist slob, lowering the standards for everyone.

  18. The disfunction in the government shows more and more everyday.

  19. Absolutely ridiculous. The country has gone so far down the toilet now that no one wants to be here anymore.

  20. Dress codes are from an era of subordination and discrimination

  21. Senate should worry more about the moral code than the dress code anyway

  22. Things are going downhill in a hurry ,people used to take some pride in tbeir appearance but look around ,now we have become a countr of slovenly pigs,i must admit i am in that category some too

  23. In my Opinion there trafers to our country

  24. Dressing up commands respect.. bad decision…

  25. You mean his new double can look like a gym coach too ?

  26. Big mistake!!! But it goes along with all the other garbage

  27. They support a dude in hat with horns and face paint in the building but complain over a hoodie

  28. Wrong move. Dressing appropriately fir your position not only changes the attitude towards you but anyone who dressed up formally also behaves more politely, stands up straighter, speaks more intelligently … Even my piano teacher expected this of her students when practising for a performance. And it makes a difference.

  29. We the people require our employees to dress appropriately while at work. Business or business casual is the dress code.

  30. These politicians are supposed to be professional. We know many are just acting like their professional, but at least dress like it. Tell that moron to put a shirt and tie on. It won't kill him.

  31. taking their cues from Silicon Valley now eh…hehehe ;p

  32. Yeah I know CEOs and big rich people cuz they're not really working they just come in and make the laws and they go home about their business are there jatson Jets and fly all over the world without a care in the world

  33. What would they hold the dress code to a standard when they don't even hold the peo

  34. I just wonder if all the changes that they make to the bills and whatnot if it changed pocketbooks of the people who are making the laws to change it in the bad negative way with they still make those same laws I don't think anything's ever affects the people in Senate Congress GOP whatever it doesn't bother them because at the end of the day they will still be getting paid us a little people those people up that a big people make those laws it does not affect their money they're always taking vacations right in the middle of a crisis they just don't have any problems the rich keeps getting

  35. More important battles to fight…and wrongs to right than worrying about a guy with a hoody and shorts. Dick Cheney said the F word on the Senate floor…no outrage to that?

  36. It's very futuristic to let everyone look how they wanna look, if you think in certain places in the world🤔they want everyone to dress, look, and act the same, and get in line with the rest of the "numbers"🤦

  37. The staffers and all other employees who work there for far less money will still be required to follow the dress code.