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Senate GOP holds a press conference on unemployment benefits

Senate Republicans hold a press conference on unemployment benefits. #FOXBusiness

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  1. All the problems on this earth are political. Leave the American people alone. God bless

  2. You make 100,000 a year salary and you don’t do anything.

  3. You probably do not want my 2cents, but here it is anyway. The pandemic was a polictical manipulation to divert all our attention off all the questions allegations about criminal administrative democrats policies and activities regarding Obama, Clintons, & Biden policies and pay for play and other government actions: crushed cell phones, emails, Hunter Biden's laptop, all of them Podesta, Awan brothers the 3 it brothers paid triple from Pakistan, Huma Abedin, Schultz, all of them!
    Big COVER UP of all time.
    They go free. We get sick.
    They stop at nothing.

  4. Where are these jobs in LA!? Please let me know. I’m a hard worker!!!

  5. None of this is applicable here in CA and remember when you call people "non-essential" then they are like ok then how is it all of a sudden that we are essential.

    But I look at all of these pencil pushing desk jockeys and think I have a better idea if we cut all of the salaries omg benefits correction let's have them be paid exactly what these jobs pay and let's look at all of.the money that has been brought to light with taxes that the non essential workers have paid into. Make no mistake this is so not accurate if we have thousands of people coming over the border then give them these jobs.

    Why is it ok that top defense contractors heads make millions and millions of dollars every year from corruption robbing the non essentials or the bank and airline bailouts given millions and millions yet take more in bonuses.

    They went way over on this crap they earn mega dollars stay at home yet all a sudden the very small amount of money in unemployment has become the biggest issue I could go and on why do they just look at the real picture that is much more and for all of these people who are calling people lazy well sure some but not nearly not even remotely close to the people who are saying all of this sure people in the beltway work so hard lol no way waiters work a zillion times harder than these lazy butts.

    Imagine waiting tables on politicians not fun not to say how is it that we went from being in a critical lockdown everybody is dying stay home inside crap we in cali are not even open half way yet no hotdogs for.july 4th then all a sudden restaurant workers are the problem and are lazy don't get me started I could go on and on why do we spend a zillion dollars more on defense than china but are falling behind on military size etc. well let me tell you about overpaid lazy government workers

  6. Look we are not all not the same here I want to work I've been a caregiver my whole entire life I am 51 years old and taken care of people that were 16 years old and I did work a job on top of that I was housekeeper in Branson Missouri my parents got ill I took care of them I've been taking care of kids grandkids other people's kids my parents other people's parents my entire life now that we need help you guys going to take it away early it's not right you don't know us we're not rich vs poor people don't want to be homeless whereabouts all be home with you guys do not understand us at all because if you did you would make provision WorkSource to whatever the ticking away like that is wrong God bless

  7. the people being paid to not work is the politicians

  8. Part of the problem is also the COLLEGE BUSINESS telling everyone they need a degree and that doing manuel blue collar jobs is a sign of being a failure. Yet a specialized welder can make close to 6 figures right out of training and will be taught on the job and have their education paid for because of how desperate employers need these workers.

  9. Ok then say thank's for the guy you put into the white house


  11. 3) Everyone knows if the ex – President took care of the pandemic instead stating early last year that it was
    d e ad ly , then downplayed it as it got worst putting lives at risk, safety would not be an issue when it came to working environments and school environments

  12. 2) Everyone knows there are processes put in place by the Labor Dept., if you receive unemployment they keep track of someone's job search.

  13. 1) It's really interesting that the GOP does not support raising the min. wage from starvation wages, nor do they support the same type of childcare assistance that the Biden Administration put in place.

  14. My grandchildren are working two jobs why aren’t they getting a reward because they are still struggling help people like these workers take it from the ones who refuse to work you will see how fast they come off their butts

  15. This country has not been having leader ship since the installation of bidn. It has been becoming a fast sinking ship!

  16. Get out to work… Before your jobs are no more

  17. Wait till all the illegals take our jobs because we're sitting at home complacent ….
    That's exactly what the Democrats want.. because they need their votes.
    Nobody with half a brain if they're on American would vote for them after this disaster

  18. Well as a member of We the People the citizens of America how did businesses going to step up and say we need an audit in our state

  19. They ARE lazy…they would rather take crumbs instead of make more money.

  20. Please do not put the title of President on Joe Biden or his whole Administration we have a gaggle of crooks

  21. When we the people are put on lockdown and yet the government officials continually to collect their paychecks while they do nothing but scheme against the people

  22. Well a lot of those programs have become overly large and corrupt

  23. So my question is are those parents sure of what their children are being taught at said schools

  24. At will my answer would be I'm not wearing a freaking mask all day long

  25. Enough is Enough! Hasn't this man been through Enough?

  26. The more unemployment spent now the more we will all pay in taxes in years to come. Unemployment is there to be used as a safety net not as a easy source of income.

  27. Why go back to a job that pays minimum wage, not guaranteed full time work, no benefits so look at that, then make your plan!

  28. Employees at the border now

  29. The Biden fiasco is humiliating and stressful for the American People. Their socialist tactics are creating fear and hopelessness! Exactly what they want to do to all of us. The CDC, Fauci, media and others need to absolutely change their tactics or be raided and arrested for their lies! We cannot allow the propaganda to continue. Finally we are seeing Republicans speak out! Now speak out and fight for our ability to vote with confidence. Come on and get going on this. We lost the best President we have had in many many years due to corruption! Speak out about the coup! Speak out about the controversy about what is really going on at the White House. Everything needs to be transparent!!!!

  30. Florida has a Hugh number of people who have moved here. Which has put the businesses in jeopardy. I see it where I live here in Florida. Unemployment benefits needs to stop 🛑

  31. Im not going back to work until texas secedes

  32. Y’all talking about going back to work, but ignoring the entire problem we’re trying to show you. We have to send money overseas for our money to have value? It’s no sense people think we are globalists. Fix our valuation. You can’t blame people for not working while being Paid and waiting to see if some 4 trillion dollar bill passes. We are waiting to see if it’s even worth working if the govt is going to go crazy on spending half of us do not want. The dollar isn’t backed by gold anymore and we’re already adding about 5 trillion into circulation.

    If this is the new Republican Party, quit making the same mistake as the last guard and focusing on the outlying problem and not the root of the problem. We want action, not compromise. We won’t go back to work until you fix this problem or take definitive steps in doing so. Plus again, another 4 trillion about to be added in the fall… is it even worth working if we’re working not for us, but for our government insane overspending and overprinting to overseas banks?

    I don’t think so and I’m sure others do as well and realize the one chance we have to exploit and fix this problem now instead of guaranteeing indentured servitude via “the economy” for our grand kids. 🤷🏻‍♂️ might be why we’re not having kids either, but we’re lazy and need to go back to work 😂



  35. This is the job of the President, why are we helping him?

  36. In few years or so people will definitely be kicking themselves in regret for missing the opportunity to buy and invest in cryptocurrency

  37. News flash, nobody cares about fox's bs!

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