Thursday , January 20 2022
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Senate grills DHS Sec. Mayorkis on Biden border crisis

Tennessee Republican Marsha Blackburn slams Biden’s immigration policies on ‘The Evening Edit’
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  1. he has the numbers and the answers but he just won't tell anybody ,,,he'd rather lie instead and that's just what he does,,,,,he needs to step down,,,,

  2. Defund Congress they don't work for us anymore.
    Remove Biden and Harris's from office they are a National security threat. At this point Government sucks your
    currency from you banks screw you. 3.5 trillion plus interest = 0 Total BS Joe Biden can pay the taxes they got from foreign country.

  3. This administration is a travesty for America.

  4. This guy is not smart enough to work fo Mc Donald’s

  5. Biden need to put his border policy in the dam Trash !its not worth the paper its on ! Fjb

  6. This creep nows the figures he was lying as usual

  7. Why bother!! They never get a straight answer. Just vote them out when the time comes.

  8. and yet the border is still wide open

  9. Mayorakas is a evil man his goal is to see America like Cuba

  10. This country has destroyed me and my company I started a company during this pandemic and couldn't get help from anyone hell I'm ready to cross the border

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  12. Great cashapp flip with ☝️ thanks again for the money transfer to me

  13. He's incomplete get him OUT right NOW

  14. Whoever voted for this evil is mentally I’ll. Satan deceives the weak minded.

  15. Destruction of the west is a mitzvah!!!!!!!!!!

  16. No one under the Brandon administration do any real work except for destroying the US


  18. Biden /Harris are phonies ….and so are their cabinet

  19. Charge him with crimes against america and deport him!

  20. m the US FEDS after stolen election has a china CCP fed gov the people with years of mindless schooling suck their thumb and try to be liked too stupid they are led to slaughter '' A well known dissident from China named Ai Weiwei recently appeared on Firing Line and suggested that political correctness is leading America down a dark path of authoritarianism.

    He said that it is not unlike what happened in China during Mao’s Cultural Revolution

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