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Senate Judiciary Committee holds hearing on use of force by police | USA TODAY

The Senate Judiciary Committee is holding a hearing on Police Use of Force and Community Relations which will have two panels: The first panel includes Lee Merritt, Esq., the attorney for a number of Black families who have been affected by police use of force, including Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, and represents Ahmaud Arbery’s family as well. The second panel includes a number of individuals who represent law enforcement organizations.

President Donald Trump signed an executive order int he afternoon that will encourage police departments in the U.S. to “meet the most current professional standards for the use of force.”

New audio of a phone call revealed that a 911 dispatcher called her supervisor to express concern over the force used against George Floyd.

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  1. Its costing 120k plus American deaths, thousands more by the time we are able to vote the cowards out of office!!

  2. Graham, I wouldn't trust anything you have to say .you are a coward just like most of the GOP…!!!

  3. Why don't you guys get moving on the stimulus I am Republican and believe in working and not being handed everything like most left wants but alot of people are hurting and we need the help now

  4. The Police are Negilant in providing a Solution or Resolve, simply becouse they were not Trained or Inpowered to Call in The Approperiate Resorces… Example ; A man is talking outloud to himself, has No weppons, yet when given an Order By A Police Officer Refuses to Comply OR does not hear Or Comperhand.. The Police should not Esculate the situation by calling in More Police 16 total.. becoming a Gang Mentality, But In Steed Call in A Medical Responce Unit and Stand Down.. The Man Was Murdered By The Vineland NJ Police Wearing Boxers and carring a 16oz Water Bottle.. For Failuer To Comply With a Police Order …

  5. So Lindsey is this going to be your excuse of not having any hearings on the Russia gate probe? Pretty convenient huh?

  6. I find it interesting that they had to describe the murderBy a police officer as misconduct it’s not misconduct its murder only 98 arrests happened since 2005 and out of those only 35 cops went to jail.IMAGINE THAT 35!!!!!900 to 1000 ppl are shot each year

  7. I agree that black communities need to police themselves with black officers because those officers better understand what it's community have been through, and we tend to trust our own. I also agree that we need more mental health facilities, jobs, same education that whites receive to build a better black America and have the right to; "LIFE", "LIBERTY", and the "PURSUE of HAPPINESS."


  9. Lindsey Graham starts out with some ass kissing video about some good boy cop. that’s not what they’re in there for they are in there for. the dirty cops and the rights of a citizen not to have to die at the hands of these people. we already know that there are good cops in the precincts . Bringing in goody two shoe videos doesn’t fix the problem it’s like a house that’s on fire and instead of putting the fire out you just turn around and point to the one that’s not burning. Matt gaetz is only there as a distraction because they do not want to pass any bills just because the people that want the bills passed our Democrats it has nothing to do with the issues . they are so full of hatred for the other party that they won’t even do right by citizens. And I find it disgusting. The days of the good old boys , fat cats and the undercover neo-Nazis and KKK members has come to a close .people are not gonna stand around putting up with this ridiculous crap anymore.No I’m pretty sure if nothing gets done because they want to still sit around and shuffle their shoes most likely it’s going to be a few more places getting burned down and houses and things broken into and business is being looted in the whole 9 yards. I really don’t think the people that are outside marching are in any mood to keep playing with these do-nothing politicians.Last thing I wanted to address is the fact that this hearing right here is a waste of taxpayers time and money because we all know that Mitch McConnell is going to sit there and not pass this bill in the Senate until it turns from paper to wood chips.

  10. This is one of the few times on CSPAN I have seen politicians on both sides agreeing with each other so much. Strange how when people get up off their couches and let their voices be heard in the streets, politicians all the sudden start agreeing on things.

  11. they are all Masons of one sort or another…. its a Masonic NWO Coup, all main leaders in on it…. disband the lodges and ban occultism in society, military, police and Government….. please please don't ignore this Elephant In The Room

  12. What happened to Mr Floyd was a disgrace let’s not pretend he was an the angel he robbed a pregnant woman he ran in the house threatened her robbed everything from the house the woman was nearly ready to give birth let’s not pretend he was any angel he was not they going on about black lives matter all lives matter let’s not pretend he was an angel if it was a White man it would’ve been he deserved it

  13. how diverse this judiciary committee is?

  14. Lee Merritt is so true here.

  15. i cant believe the Senate is in session
    i will bet a dollar Mitch McConnell isnt there
    Check Out 👉 #JseCuriosity

  16. Watch deployed Soldier surprise small sister after long time during her graduation

  17. No excuse any crimenal or crime !!!

  18. The idea that this hearing will stop any type of racism is blowing smoke. Racism is taught. FEAR OF POLICE IS TAUGHT.
    As in any organization there are always bad people. The Unions have made it impossible to rid and mark these bad apples so that they can not be hired before retraining and education.
    But in the defense of the police, when did they become psychologist for the drug addicts, mental illnesses, abuse of someone?
    Their training is in HIGH LEVEL PROTECTIONS.
    SO again more smoke and mirrors.

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