Senate Judiciary votes to approve subpoenas in SCOTUS ethics probe #Shorts

The Senate Judiciary Committee approve subpoenas for GOP donor Harlan Crow and conservative activist Leonard Leo related to the SCOTUS ethics probe.

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  2. Why is Lyndsey so anal retentive?

  3. Graham reminds me of a hateful Pig. Look at his body language and facial expression

  4. Lindsey "YOU " Belong in Jail. That's why these changes make you nervous.

  5. Thank you the Supreme Court isn’t above anyone and they shouldn’t get away with breaking the law

  6. Laws and rules are as good as the ink and paper its written on. If the politicians, government and justice system don't care about upholding the laws then the laws are useless.

  7. Lindsey you need to be investigated.

  8. We can't touch the wretches of SCOTUS–But, DOJ can persue the billionaire benefactors under the General Federal Bribery Act (18 USC § 201) bans the bribing of public officials.) from criminal exploitation of a public official! So, get that ball rolling Merrick Garland!

  9. Clearly, only Republicans should subpoena people.

  10. Making Money is action,Keeping Money is behavior. Growing money is wisdom. Regardless of how bad it gets on the economy… I still make over $16,000 every week💯💯

  11. 5 Republicans voted against impeachment of mayorkas & Joe Biden. Lindsey Graham's one of the biggest rhinos in Congress

  12. Should not the judges get there do. Politicians have there insider trading. Biden laundering communist money for profit never mind his treasons acts. All fear in politics for politicians

  13. Why not hold everyone in government accountability

  14. Congress and the senators are the worst. How do you become a muti- millionaire in a few years in DC

  15. Let's talk about insider trading too

  16. It is hilarious and sad simultaneously that Congress is going after the supreme Court. Congress are the biggest bunch of scumbags in crooks one could imagine. They have no intention of doing this for the greater good, it's merely to weaken the courts so that The courts lose some of their effectiveness as a check and balance to Congress.