Thursday , January 20 2022
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Senate passes $3.5 trillion budget resolution l GMA

The Senate passed President Joe Biden’s massive budget to expand the social safety net, which includes money toward universal pre-K, free community college and funding to combat climate change.

Democrats’ $3.5T bet on ‘human infrastructure’ package puts House and Senate on the line: ANALYSIS:

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. It's best to just do nothing whilst "Tricky Nancy" is in the House. Wait till after the mid-terms. Nancy will get the final boot and true bipartisan negotiating can begin at that time. One more year for common sense.

  2. 😕 😶 😀 The traitors are in plain site, why do you do nothing? |

  3. Wow, the fiat dollar printing machine going to be very busy again. The more they print the stronger is the dollar and the stock market will strengthen. Is about building infrastructure… the rich wealth infrastructure. Very weird, isn't it?

  4. Buy gold and bitcoin, dump the dollar !

  5. The more government spending, the more expensive everything gets. hyperinflation. Think Democrats

  6. Shaming people for being financially irresponsible is no longer possible.

  7. I disagree with paying for the first two years of college. We have too many people with college degrees that they can’t get a job. I prefer paid apprenticeships.

  8. Increasing taxes on the wealthy, finally.

  9. The wealthy need to pay their fair share. One person should not make more cash than 45% of the lower/middle class combined and pay 0 in federal taxes

  10. Do people understand that this "infrastructure" bill has very, very little to do with infrastructure?

  11. What is in the budget? Fema camps?

  12. lifer politicians way of making sure we all stay poor while they get richer off our taxes to fund their stupidity.

    wake up people… time to remind them who is in charge of our country.

  13. Moderate democrats are not "moderate". They are corporate bought and paid for by the wealthy elite, the same investment bankers and oligarchs who have invested over 2 trillion dollars in communist China (since 1996)…

  14. Congratulations democrats 👏💙

  15. They didn't pass the budget yet. They've only unlocked the process towards doing so….

  16. Amnesty for Illegals in this Bill. This is complete utter nonsense..

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