Saturday , July 24 2021
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Senate passes two-year budget, debt deal

The Senate voted to pass the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2019. This bill, if passed, will increase discretionary spending limits and suspend the debt limit.

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  1. Great… More money to fight wars. America is no more, because of all the corrupt and stupid politicians..

  2. Oh yeah don't tell me they increase the debt ceiling how did I know that

  3. These fools call this a budget!!! sad !! keep paying taxes all you slaves

  4. Democrat budget passes Congress. Republicans pretend to be in control.

  5. Confused, passes a two-year budget. What budget are they talking about? We just passed basically the 2020 budget. Are they talking about 2021 budget also?
    They can't even maintain a budget in one year. Now they're going to forecast 2021 budget.?

  6. This is CRAZY 😵 TOWN POLITICS 2 YEARS OF MORE DEBT FILLED this COUNTRY is going the way of Venezuela real fast. People better wake up If you're a Trump voter who supported tax cuts, tariff's, low interest rate, get READY because you brought the lie that the swamp was getting drained. YOU HAVEN'T SEEN NOTHING YET 😉

  7. Now Each newborn American is in debt 70k
    Capitalism is Evil

  8. Trump 2020. 👍 more pie for everyone! Love this pres


  10. I remember when obama was in office and the gop hated him and his debt amd deficit years later when the gop in office with trump they don't care about debt and deficit and obsessed with military spending what happened to the gop its sad

  11. We had balanced budgets from Clinton 97,98,99,2000. and a surplus. W Bush came in he cut taxes went to war and he had a 800 billion dollars prescription drug program. Forgot to pay for it and left America with 10 trillion in debt. and 1 trillion dollar deficits This out of control spending started with the Republicans not the dems

  12. More tariffs on china markets tanks and ronald reagan in his farewell address warn about socialism and protectionism

  13. Rand paul is the only person that cares about this country and our debt problem he is a true patriot like his father

  14. Trump said he would sign this big government spending bill adds 3 trillion dollars of new debt so much for ending the debt in 8 years like he said in 2016

  15. Trump killed the Republican party with debt and deficits u cant blame obama for this

  16. Stock market taking another dive…
    Thanks congress

  17. Spend, spend, Spend. We the People need a BALANCED budget. irresponsible Lawmakers.

  18. Democrats even take time on something that should be pretty obvious but it takes time because if they're not screwing America then they don't know what to do

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