Senate Report Highlights Covid Pandemic Failures

The Senate Homeland Security Committee has released its report examining pandemic failures that were made at the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak in 2020. NBC News’ Shannon Pettypiece breaks down the report’s findings and what factors may have contributed to shortcomings in the Covid-19 response. 

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  1. Really? Blaming Trump? I guess Trump also caused the sinking of the Titanic.

  2. I thought the best way to protect against the virus was to join a BLM Riot???

  3. Not taking immediate action early in the pandemic. Not advising people to wear masks, downplaying the risks, sabotaging testing, not advising people of the early data showing risk of permanent disability for long covid, just list goes on, and both administrations screwed the pooch on this one.

  4. Successful people and businesses don’t make excuses. They put together a report to generate a fund lazy can sit on and next time fools shut it down they can use their weak study as an excuse to mandate complete control to the few. These control freak will shut it down when self driving cars can operate the supply chain.

  5. How convenient for you guys that no one can see your dislikes…

  6. In other words, it's highlighting the failed mRNA technology and tyrannical government officials.

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  9. Fauci 10-7-2020: "I recommended to the president that we shut the country down" – Newsweek

    Fauci 7-26-2022: "I didn't recommend locking anything down" – The Hill (responding to question about devastating effects of lockdowns)

  10. Here’s the story of impatient people, who said if they get to do it, why can’t I! This group wanted partying and unmask, to hinder the health of you and I! Here’s the story of people who looked at the carnage of 2020 and the people who died prematurely, this group wait a dang minute, covid and it’s crew ain’t killing me! Continue to wear a mask, continue to wear a mask, you don’t know what nobody got, continue to wear a mask! No seriously it’s almost 2023 and we are going backwards!

  11. Any of these fools going to be held accountable? Nope. Then what's the point of a dumb report?

  12. Bogus19 will go down as the greatest scam in history.


  14. It’s true about us media also as well though.

  15. 🤚 loved one killed by you specifically. Woke up this morning, to a group of babbling idiots speaking to me about it amongst themselves. …

  16. Nbc was part of the failures

  17. Blame Ron Dis-Science, WOKE vs FROZEN. Millions more deaths if you listened to TOP Con Ron about COVID.

  18. We already know all the facts… the Trump administration made the pandemic much worse

  19. Pandemic failures were obvious in real time during the pandemic.

  20. less people died from covid with trump than Biden in same amount of time trump greenlighted the vaccine what did biden do again besides print 5 trillion $ in 8 months?

  21. Trump new you were playing with the American people lives stop lying you sound dum we won't be china like your trying to do

  22. These shi@libs try to blame Trump these pieces of shi@ lying fuc@ faces. Biden the tyrant is old news you pieces of libshi@s

  23. You'll see more evidence fauci is a liar. In January REAL INVESTIGATIONS BEGIN WITH FALSEY FAUCI FIRST

  24. Heh, heh. The greatest failure has been, continues to be, and will always be willful imbecility of citizenry.

  25. The senate does know crap about anything.

  26. I said the day after the election in 2016. I said he is going to get us killed

  27. And All The failures dealing with this pandemic started with Trump and His Administration It Wasn't Dr Fauci it was All Trump

  28. "Senate Report Highlights Covid Pandemic Failures" so let's otherwise "Convince It Forward"

  29. America's also responsible for the high covid death rate because people wouldn't take heed to President Biden's ongoing requests to wear masks and get vaccinated.