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Senate Republicans release info on $1 trillion COVID-19 stimulus package | USA TODAY

COVID-19: Details on the new stimulus plan.
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The new GOP plan includes another check for Americans and continued help for the unemployed.

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  1. If my elderly mother claimed me as dependant 2019, I'm 55 and not her DEPENDANT, I paid rent, utilities, bough grocery's and not in any way was she RESPONSIBLE for me, I was independently taking care of myself, I'm on SSDI, I'm i eligible for Financially

  2. What bullshit!!!! Americans need financial assistance NOW!!! And republicans are worried about corporations not getting sued for gross negligence !!!! Tells me all I need to know!

    Obviously the corporations know they are not taking all measures they should protect employees from contracting Covid-19…. and don’t want any lawsuits following the time for lawsuits for the medical and work compensation….. this is corporate(capitalism) America 🤦🏽‍♀️

  3. If you give 600.00 per week that is 2.400.00 each month for
    unemployment. Every body else got 1.200.00 1 time.How is that fair.Just
    give 1200.00 per month to everyone with social security number under
    75.000 per year over the age of 16 or 17 for 3 to 6 months.why is this
    so hard. We need to vote everyone out of office and try some one else
    why is that so hard to do.

  4. Republicans for some reason thinks people are sitting around collecting money and don't want to work, I alone in July applied to 87 jobs on indeed and I am highly qualified at what I do and can do many skilled jobs and not one freakin call not one interview because companies have cut back and working longer hours instead of more people. I hate sitting around that's not a life and I am not the only one since my company closed it doors. 600 a week in California is not the same as 600 in for example Iowa. It costs alot more money to live here and I was perfectly fine before this virus now Republicans want to cut it to 200? It's ridiculous

  5. Why the heals act.Are they healing the American people or the corporations!

  6. They should give a boost to essential workers. They are driving the country in between the coronavirus.They deserve it.


  8. Did Democrats want more yet to dude that's in the middle of these two parties says that we still have a trillion dollars or more that they haven't used from the last stimulus package so why are the Democrats fighting for more money when they still got money that they haven't used

  9. There it is Democrats are greedy they just want more money for things that need nothing to do with this pandemic

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  11. burn it down, start over. democracy is a fail… all sides only believe or do things for their party only ..no progress. any progress, undone by whatever party is majority in office,any new progress on the table takes years to enact and then is laden with party atvantages.. not to mention fraud ..ect .. its constipated… it needs an enima

  12. People needs to talk start talking about child support taken either parents stimulus check. When the parent with the child is getting a stimulus check plus 500 dollars extra for the child and the parent left owing is left with nothing possibly losing their job and home

  13. Who are from USA I want money who can help me

  14. So that’s what lobbing gets us. Scum bags

  15. The message behind this is this, "I give you money, vote for me."
    Where the money comes from?
    It'll come out of your wallet.(not from the wallet of billionaires.)

  16. Wont help the fact most people are living above their means with no savings and families they haven’t nurtured. Rat race at its finest

  17. They need to pay off landlords and tell them not to charge rent. Then the landlords are able to pay their bills, including the property taxes, and more importantly people don't get evicted during a pandemic.

  18. And joe Biden has the face to say that in the crisis of 2008 he sended more money to people and that doesn't iven compares to this pandemic 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️.

  19. What about the millions of Americans who have lost their job and thereby lost their health insurance during a pandemic!!!

  20. I guess money does grow on trees..duh

  21. 5th stimulus package since march, really? 🤔

  22. Let's get back to work. Let's stop all the bailouts. Keep throwing money at is not fixing it.

  23. Text overlaying generic video is just lazy.

  24. Pick up your phones and start calling I am still waiting for Mitch McConnell and his wife to explain why they received a loan and Why the Jarrod Kushner mother and grandfather received a loans. 40 archer Tesla since they gave Elon Musk all that money.

  25. American citizens and American citizen children were denied stimulus because of the spouses status in the USA. No reason for born citizens to be treated less than American because of their marital status.

  26. I only got one stimulus check. Was i supos to get another one? .

  27. give the people the money not the banks

  28. A bunch of incompetent leaders arguing with each other . Rich help rich and poor die .

  29. Let me guess, welfare for corporate America and peanuts for the people?

  30. Get your free stuff now. It will be on the backs of your children.

  31. Yeah, let’s give people 600 a week to sit at home while I’m working in a health related field in the public, wearing a mask all day, sanitizing all day… and I get to bring home the same amount! What a great plan!

  32. US national debt $26,574,413,000,000 and counting up $20,000 every second. Sure, lets write another check.

  33. Republicans and conservatism equals more death for the less fortunate and more money for the wealthy.

  34. Of course democrats trying to prevent anything from happening again.

  35. The most stupid strategy is that they do not pay for young boys and girls 16-18 years old, those kids have lots of expenses and due to Corona pandemic most of them do not have a summer job

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