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Senate reviews the state of Homeland Security since 9/11

Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee holds a field hearing on “18 Years Later: The State of Homeland Security after 9/11.” Former Department of Homeland Security Secretaries Michael Chertoff, Janet Napolitano and Jeh Johnson testify.

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  1. Let's simplify 9/11. It's anniversary is right on our doorstep. With the 'players' revealed within a genuine and comprehensive forensic analysis as I know; so, everything else is subordinated to that understanding. Bring it to life in the public mindset. Who's who and what's what with all the real 'facts' revealed; then we know the fundamental integrity of this current administration. Now – Bolton is 'fired' and that is representative of those facts. Behind Obama and the Clintons – a slow process to unravel what was insidiously woven into this [Bush/PNAC/DS] spider's web of lies. The real enemy of our nation has infiltrated within its gates.

  2. In November 2007, President Cossiga said in an interview with the Corriere della Sera that the video in which Osama Bin Laden had threatened Berlusconi had actually been filmed in Berlusconi's Milanese television studio. Moreover, it is an open secret in intelligence circles that the 9/11 attacks were "planned and executed with the support of the CIA and Mossad" to facilitate interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq.

  3. Why can’t the world just be a peaceful place ☮️ 😭

  4. as soon as anyone says walls don't work , that person is a fool and should no longer be allowed to speak, they should be dropped over the wall. Ease Off on any restrictions and get more guns in the average Joe's hands and hands on training in use and safe handling for every school kid. it sucks to have Obama picks

  5. These ppl are sick liars. How awful of them to do this at ground zero. It came out in research this week that fire was DID NOT cause building 7 to fall. We are not being told the truth.

  6. You so called patriotic American people. Should watch the Rachel maddow show today. if you are a patriotic American. Trump and Wilber Ross did the wrong thing when he told people at that weather station to keep quiet. about the cover story, or they would be fired. There top bosses have come out in support of them and congress is calling for Wilber Ross to resign. from trump"s administration. also what trump is doing with his property in Scotland. The Scottish government is getting involved in this too. And they are not happy. With trump. The next thing that is on the Rachel maddow show. Is that the time that bought the Russians into the overall office trump gave away information on the top spy in the Kremlin that had things on Putin so the American's got him out for his own safety. Trump is not fit to be president.

  7. The United States of America never stood for freedom, so what is the fall?

  8. 3 Years
    ZERO Arrested for Treason
    Trump takes his Supporters for Granted…
    Pissed Off Patriot


  10. Climate change?? I'm outa here.

  11. such ignorant uninformed questions ,,

  12. I don't know but I believe the A.G.Barr and the Director of FBI C.Wray know better what happening on 9/11 and after because they was working for Bush ?

  13. Now this is over let’s go watch the good things that congress is doing for us, let’s see if they talked stormy Daniels into coming in hoping for her to say anything about the president so they can finish the year out on that

  14. Climate Change .. as in the day of Noe … Sodom and Gomorrah… what does climate change have to do with 911

  15. ilhan Omar is the terrorist in our Government & Must be stopped


  17. Secure and manage our borders. Wow

  18. Maybe the memorial could display the lighters that were flicked on 9/11 and the unredacted photos of those who flicked them.

  19. Another BS session for the American Citizens! Like they really care since they want open borders! What a joke! Then you've got Fatass Nadler and his brown shirts scheming for impeachment since they're too stupid to understand the American Citizens KNOW THEY are the CRIMINALS!!

  20. 9/11 was not committed by a bunch of terrorists from the mid east; the terrorists were from our own backyard. New lawsuits are forcing the reexamination of these attacks which will uncover the real criminals of 9/11. God bless America. WWG1WGA

  21. The chairman of the 9/11 commission, as well as other members of the 9/11 committee, stated publicly that they were set up to fail.
    No one has been brought to justice.
    Let the truth out?
    No one ever talks about it.

  22. Another highly productive session of Congress. Slow down. Don't do it all in one day. 🤦‍♂️

  23. Obama and Holder turn the DHS into the department of open border Drug Cartel Stooges. Homeland security is a joke and a laughing stock. Fake drug war corrupt racketeering government.

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