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Senator Cory Booker joins ABC News Live to discuss debate performance l ABC News

Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker tells ABC News Live, “We need greater unity” to beat Trump. READ MORE: https://abcn.ws/2MX5rOX

The fourth Democratic primary debate in Westerville, Ohio, featured a number of tense exchanges and again highlighted the major policy rifts that continue to divide the field with less than four months to go until the first votes are cast.

While there was relatively little disagreement on the issue continuing to dominate Washington — the impeachment of President Donald Trump — the debate, hosted by CNN and The New York Times, featured pitched exchanges on health care, taxes, foreign policy and the candidates’ governing philosophies.

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  1. Booker joins YangGang. He has embraced Yang’s ideas like UBI.

  2. Where is Tulsi Gabbard? Cory Booker couldn’t even manage Newark. He has nothing.

  3. This gay knows how to run a gay country.

  4. Why did the Americans have to pay off his hooker.

  5. Screw him his a racist piece of crap

  6. Hey, it's mister potato head, how's T-bone doing. lol

  7. I can't think of one Democrat that isn't corrupt or a complete joke.

  8. ABC gets caught with fake videos this week and people still watch.

    SMH. WTF America. 🙄 my god its embarrassing

    If you watch ABC news after the BS they just pulled you are a brain dead programmed SHEEP

  9. Let's hope they never put him in a tank wearing a helmet.

  10. This guy is a piece of shit. Plain and simple. He voted against lower drug prices. Why would anyone vote for him? Look at the eyes. Bat shit crazy.

  11. No freaking way!!! He’s a RACIST IDIOT 🖕🏻💩. Spartacus is going Bankrupt, Nobody wants to give His Dumbass any money!!! Spartacus is an idiot.

  12. ABC = Always Been Corrupt

  13. What planet are they living on??? Quit already!

  14. The debate times per candidate was not fair !

  15. New Jersey?… What is this place?

  16. ♥ ☺ 👍"The Healer" 🤔 Why? Because the entire country is tired, hurting and mentally wounded.

  17. this guy looks crazy like meth and Prozac crazy, he like he will do anything and say anything to win ie sell his grandma pacemaker kinda guy

  18. A useless dems, vote Cooker out. Don’t like the fake news stations and reporters.

  19. Are they putting out fake footage age.

  20. Cory literally gets more time than just about everyone on stage, at every debate. ABC doesnt need to do a special on him before and after the debate. BOOKER NEEDS TO DROP OUT.

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