Senator Kelly Delivers Remarks After Projected Victory In Arizona

ABC News reports that Sen. Mark Kelly is expected to win re-election in the Arizona Senate race against Republican Blake Masters, who was endorsed by former President Donald Trump. #senmarkkelly #arizona #midterms2022

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Ever notice states with an election month go dem? Weird

  2. How the hell can someone possibly vote DEMOCRAT?

  3. You're not just a senator, you're a hero. Thank you for your service in the navy, in NASA and now in senate.

  4. He’s nothing more than a DC Elitist. Shame for Arizona. Will be set back for six more years.

  5. Nothing like the ole cia fist bump. 🤣

  6. You didn't win an honest election. Are you kidding me.😁

  7. So worrying people vote for these fascists


  9. Every time you hear of a young person dying from fentanyl remember Mark Kelly voted every time to keep that border open you are partially responsible for that

  10. Why would anyone vote for people who are pro crime, pro wasting money, pro sexualization of our children?? People need to stop voting for a party. I don’t believe this guy won anyway. Democrats know how yo cheat. We must get rid of voting machines and mail ballots. Enough is enough


  12. Sad day for America!!!

  13. Corruption at its finest…

  14. Funny how the important states always take longer to tally the votes. Fake ballots must have been stuck in traffic
    Sounds like Kojak is rereading someone else's speech

  15. Its a one republic anyway morons your just voting for corruption but you think you are doing your part bye making America great again bullshit no government would be great.

  16. Biden was so happy he sent a message to America I will shutdown all Coal plants in America and will stop all oil Drilling, He has already cut Aid to Farmers lowest farm harvest in America, You have been weighied and found guilty, soon Starvation and war.
    But you will have Abortions.

  17. Well,my christian neighbor called me the 'SATAN'.Whose responsibility is this,then?

  18. Congratulations Senator Kelly!

  19. Election fraud is real .. this is what it looks like.

  20. You had your chance Arizona. Didn’t learn your lesson after the last 2 years. Enjoy losing your freedoms

  21. Congratulations Senator 🎊 🥳 👏 !

  22. Make McConnell a Minority Leader Again!!!

  23. Thank u az 4 using common sense…👍👍🕺🕺

  24. Why did Eugene Yu get arrested? Delay to check how many votes to rig? Doesn’t take a genius to realize that’s the reason for the delay

  25. Shouts out to Arizona for their election weekend instead of day

  26. He seems like such a great guy. Not many in Congress have the ability to take the perspective of the entire world as a unified whole, but he does. Well done, Senator Mark Kelly!

  27. Its amazing the same state rules that can’t count Maricopa county didn’t struggle at all here!

  28. Here comes another max exodus of people leaving Arizona.

  29. So glad Arizona did the right thing…Congratulations Sen. Kelly!!!!

  30. True patriot, true hero, true winner!!! Any sore MAGA (MAGGOT) commenting here??!!!

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