Tuesday , January 18 2022
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Senator Lindsey Graham To Mark Zuckerberg: ‘You Don’t Think You Have A Monopoly?’ | NBC News

Sen. Lindsey Graham questions Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg whether or not he things his business has competitors and why he should be allowed to “self-regulate.”
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Senator Lindsey Graham To Mark Zuckerberg: ‘You Don’t Think You Have A Monopoly?’ | NBC News


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  1. All they're doing is to try regulate the Mark company

  2. Senator asks a question.
    Mark: "Well, I-"
    Mark: "Fac-"

  3. Use english – en subtitles. There is a guy who says the people who work for him will get fired

  4. If you don't like Facebook….delete your acc idiots. Nobody's forcing you to stay in there and it's called free market capitalism.

  5. You're never going to break Zuckerberg.

  6. Requirements Facebook…..I accept. It's the fault of the user not Facebook….you agree the requirements so whats the problem??

  7. If I was Mark I would respond, I have no competitors because they couldn't offer the same service we have and it's not my fault. Drop 🎤

  8. When he is saying " Yes senator, there are 8 different apps" You see that he is shaking his head in NO THERE ARE NONE

  9. This has got o be one of the most frustrating three minutes I’ve ever witnessed

  10. Whats App, Instagram, Facebook
    Ask yourself why after all these breaches and scandals bigtech companies and financial Institutions even the federal Reserve let you know that you can logIn to your account using (FB) (GOOG)
    And most people dont care giving them more power and your rights to do as they please with your data, Do you people even read “Privacy Policy”
    $TN ⚡🌪️⛈️⚡ #DennyCuellarCuellar
    #Amsterdam #Ireland

  11. “Explain to me your situation”
    “Okay, so I’m-“
    “Anyway, you’re wrong.”

  12. This man just asked if Google has the same features as Facebook.

    Remind me again why there, getting tech support instead of dealing with healthcare.

  13. Facebook was as simple as twitter was but fb kept evolving

  14. These are actually good questions from a trump puppet. MZ dodged the important ones… ALL

  15. Stfu senator you annoying af not letting people speak dumb old man

  16. You have a big forehead Mark Zuckerberg😂😂

  17. Please don't let Facebook write their own regulations.

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