Tuesday , November 24 2020
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Senator Mitch McConnell: Democrats Are 'Throwing Fairness And Precedent To The Wind' | NBC News

Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., criticized how House Democrats were handling the impeachment inquiry on the Senate floor. He claimed, “House Democrats wasted no time throwing fairness and precedent to the wind.”
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Senator Mitch McConnell: Democrats Are ‘Throwing Fairness And Precedent To The Wind’ | NBC News


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  1. Holy projection, Batman. I wish nothing but ill on this monster of a human being.

  2. Will the Senate defend the Constitution during the impending impeachment trial? They swore to do so. Will it be party and self preservation first or the Constitution first? There's no doubt Trump committed the acts to be impeached. Obstruction of justice, holding back funds to Ukraine for a political favor to dig up dirt on an opponent for the 2020 election to name two.

  3. Mitch McConnell😖…you need to think hard about what you are doing! Our country is at risk with this man in the White House (our house)….and the blood will be on your hands!
    It’s time for him to be evicted! He has made a mockery of the role of President at every rally he has. You know what he’s done…be a man with a spine and do your job! The people of Kentucky want you out and all of the country agrees. He will use you and throw you under the bus with Giuliani and all the other crooks! Wake up!!!!

  4. Shame on you you filthy turtle. Go To Russia and never come back

  5. YUK…He looks like his breath is so foul. He such a liar and racist

  6. Today, Moscow Mitch tried to turn the tables on the Dems, but failed miserably.

  7. Fake news! Corrupt dems are disgusting!

  8. So says the turtle 🐢

  9. He is takling as he was the presidents lawyer. When shall he tell the people the truth? This is not any usual investigation. The Congress have to do FBIs work first because Barr do not let FBI investigate this case before it comes to the house. Even we from Norway and Europe got that. Why doesn’t McConnell tell the truth?

  10. Why do you have over 250 bills sitting stagnant on your desk? Where is fairness? Where is norms? Where is due process??

  11. Do nothing Moscow mitch wants to be fair ha

  12. Resign mitch your an agent of russia and a Benedict arnold of America

  13. Moscow Mitch should stop being a crook and stand with the US.
    He accuses Dems of doing what Repubs. do all the time LOL

  14. Rich Russian Mitch… Poor Ignorant Kentucky.

  15. Coming out of a turtleneck dufus. Moscow Mitch needs to crawl back under his rock.


  17. Fairness… Like when you didn't let Obama get his Supreme court pick.. I see how fairness works Mister Moscow Mitch.

  18. Has mcconnell figured out he won't be reelected? He is one of the most corrupt, useless and cowardly legislators in the senate

  19. Mitch, would you please get your brain out of Trumps A—?

  20. A lot of "talk" for NEWS stories however they do not have the votes, therefore there will be no vote. The talk is there to push a false narrative, to try to change public thought, to sway an election. Fake news pushes impeachment and some love it, but its impossible our media knows this as it won't pass the house and there is no way it could pass in the senate. Come voting day Democrats and fake news will have nothing, just lies and hate, Trump will have an easy win.

  21. EVEN THE IMPEACHMENT IS FAKE!!!😂😂😂This is a fake impeachment show, democrats do not have the votes, if the fake impeachment go to the Senate will die upon arrival.😁 This show will end up in another democratic party failure!!! Popcorn ready🍿🍿🍿😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤦

  22. Why does Congress have so much time off? Then when there, accomplish next to nothing? Some members don't seem to be taking the time off. This guy is the biggest partisan and advocate for the uber wealthy.

  23. So Moscow Mitch thinks it's alright to break the law. Got it. Well that makes him a big hypocrite.

  24. Okay, Moscow Mitch is a reptile like a turtle but the similarities stop there.

  25. Mitch McConnell is a hypocrite of the highest degree. Republicans desperate to protect party over country, the constitution and the American people.

  26. Moscow mitch mumbles😥😭😲remove the orange turd and mitch!

  27. Something about Mitch McConnell really irks me. I just want to pinch him, pinch him, pinch him,pinch him, pinch him over and over and over.

  28. This coming from Moscow Mitch who stole a Supreme Court seat from President Obama! No credibility Mitch!

  29. While the Rats are fleeing, the turtles are turtle-ling.

  30. What's mumbling Moscow Mitch mumbling about ???

    I can't understand a word he's saying anyone else

  31. You totally disgust me Mitch McConnell (Leaving off your title because you don't deserve it)

  32. not to worry he and his wife will be either fleeing or living in a spot with more bars than vegas 😉

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