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Senators Sworn In For Trump’s Second Impeachment Trial | NBC Nightly News

All 100 senators signed an oath ahead of the impeachment trial for former President Trump. A group of 45 Republicans voted for a measure declaring that the impeachment trial of a former president is unconstitutional, signaling Democrats might not have the votes for a conviction.
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Senators Sworn In For Trump’s Second Impeachment Trial | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Produced at Castle Rock studios.

  2. Our tax dollars at waste!
    Figure out everything you push won’t pass yet?

  3. Mute. Forget Covid. Sleepy creepy is the new pandemic. Killing america

  4. America is ruined with no free and fair elections.
    This clownshow is a show of tyranny by the Corrupt congress globalists.


  6. These, on-line comment sections, that points to an Impeachment trial will "divide America". Wait…What? Oh, so it's the trial that will divide us Americans? But not the act of inciting "Insurrection", and the GOP not spending months upon months pretending that our "free" and "fair" elections were "rigged", by some bullsh*t nefarious deep-state forces. Not brainwashing close to half of Americans into thinking that Democrats had votes hidden in suitcases or voting machines were "switching votes". Oh, one of my personal favorites, "dead people voting". Yes, the dead casting ballots, multiple times in multiple states… Really? Nope, by GOP standards that's totally fine, and everything is a-ok. But it's the "trial" that's going to "divide" people…yeah…got it. This is beyond pathetic and the absurdity in trying to absolve, T***p. One can say, with certainty, that Ignorance is still bliss here in America.

  7. GOP guys should be screened… lot of dirt would be found.. and could be proved… everyone knows it.. .so why are they allowed to decide for the people??? From Italy

  8. The Lord says;
    ' The former President will never return & the Presidency of the current will be annulled as though it never happened. '
    Amos 3:7

  9. Apparently the GOP is convinced they need the insurrectionists to stay in power. Vote Rand Paul out, the sooner the better. God bless the 5 GOP votes for impeachment. May their tribe increase. The people who won't live in fear by wearing a mask, won't approach the Senate floor without a gun… because they live in fear. They fear they will lose office if they don't back Trump. They somehow believe they won't be chanting their names and bring a noose if they don't cooperate fully. Hug the flag all you want. This is not the best for our country.

  10. Jan 6 was an insurrection. Pls read the constitution in the context, a "deterent sentence" is required to safeguard the constitution.

  11. On January 10, the popular Canadian portal Global Research published an affidavit signed by the Italian lawyer of Professor Alfio Dorso, which is related to the US presidential election. Dorso testified about the involvement of Leonardo Spa (one of Italy's largest defense contractors) in manipulating the vote count in the US election. Dorso claims that Biden's votes were tampered in by the CIA-owned Italian military satellite Fujino Tower and Fermi Dominion servers in Frankfurt Main, Germany. According to the lawyer, on January 5, Italian police arrested Arturo de Elia, a computer programmer who worked for Leonardo Spa. The programmer admitted that he was one of those who "pressed the button" to get the necessary votes for "Biden". At the same time, he notes that "De Orso", an Italian expert, received instructions from the US Embassy in Rome. Arturo de Elia also says that his workplace in Pescara was equipped and that he used military-grade encryption methods to rig the vote. His job (according to him) was to "steal" the votes of key states from Trump and change the election results. De Elia testified in Rome court, declaring that he was ready to testify against all individuals and organizations involved in "stealing" Trump's votes, but called for his and his family's safety. De Elia was arrested by the Naples city prosecutor's office in December 2020 on suspicion of hacking into a hacker attack on Leonardo Spa's computer. Given that the company is one of the ten largest military contractors in the world, this computer thief is waiting for a long prison term, and it is unlikely that the story of the "participation" of an Italian citizen in the US presidential election is the result of an agreement and deal with Has been research. The American portal "Federal Inquirer" clarifies the picture:
    "The vote manipulation was carried out with the help of" Scylt "software purchased by the Swiss National Post Service, which is used directly in" Dominion Wetting Machines "- a voting system … Then "Distorted data from Frankfurt Main to Rome was delivered through the US Embassy in Via Veneto." However, in some cases, Leonardo Spa hackers found that "Trump has surpassed Biden by a large number of votes, etc." At the time, "senior US embassy officials in Italy, who coordinated this, ordered the development of" new algorithms "to ensure the victory of Democratic nominee Joe Biden." In Italy, the revelations provoked violent and violent reactions. According to the Stampa newspaper, information about the scams and tricks also came from Trump lobbyist Maria Strolo Zack, the leader of the Nations in Action family and former CIA agent Bradley Johnson. . According to them, the operation was led by Stefano Sarafini, the representative of the US Embassy in Rome, with the help of General Claudio Graziano.

  12. The truth will return the righteous man. More and more sully the righteous man, more and more let out the tricks and worry with fear.the Covid deaths knew it who are following one by one to claim life and get back honour for him.

  13. How are these liars still being able to make a decision on the impeachment of trump when they are opposing the same!? This is a f-up ed bunch of stuff! It's inconceivable that any one of the hundreds of things that have happened in the last four years are going to continue to affect us and for years to come! Will we ever get to wake up from the nightmare that America has become!? I don't know what is going on, do you?!

  14. I would have never supported the impeachment if the insurrection had not taken place. A person who cannot control his crowd can he be put in the shoes of the most important leader on the earth? GOP must join to convict, they will get rid of this bane in their party and largely, his voter base is conservative they will never shift to DEMOCRATS or third parties!

  15. So the Republican senators, by in large, think that simply because Trump is no longer in office, he shouldn't be held accountable for his poor choices and actions? And indicate Democrats are wasting time and doing something unconstitutional? Really?! I am so tired of these political games🙄

  16. Its like if a person kills or is involved in serious crimes and then leaves the country,should we just say oh well he's no longer in our country so it's a waste of time to get him back and hold him accountable.We have laws and procedures the president of the USA is suppose to be held at a higher level and an example for the people,no one is above the law.Trump will do it again if he can and this republicans are doing just that,shame on them.

  17. Serious question, why do these people swear and sign an oath? None of them actually care or believe in it. They could just say they vote fairly but there's no proof that their votes hold no personal values

  18. Republicans are too afraid and weak to do this. They're afraid of threats made against their lives by their own crazy constituents.

  19. a lion will attack if hungry or angry…so don't make the lion angry .

  20. This comment goes out to all of our governmen leaders.WE THE PEOPLE,(majority) has spoken.Your job is to see that out will is fulfilled.Whatever happened to,"A government of the people, for the people and (most importantly)BY THE PEOPLE"? All of you swore an oath to protect ALL of us from enemies both foreign and domestic.and defend the constitution of our country.This is not about any political party . The attack on our nation's capital is nothing less than an act of war against our country.NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW. Fulfill the will of WE THE PEOPLE.That's your sworn duty.

  21. What I think is that trump did not do anything other then wake up that morning , because it wouldn't matter if he would of shut the protest down then the democrats would of said " oh trump this and oh trump that, darting over here then over to that camera then back again to this one crying out loud the whole time ," hey I didn't get my fair share of the goldfish turd " .Or if he encouraged peaceful protest, they would of cried " NAZI See I told you he is a white suprimast NAZI with his finger on the button". Nothing would make you happy . But I tell you his finger was never on the button , it was in the air waving it at you whiney public nucience's

  22. I used to be republican but over the last 10-12 years I went independent then democratic. I can’t be with a party that doesn’t have the greater good or my greater good at heart. What’s in it for the party to allow this tyrant to be able to run for office again? He’s bad for the party and the country. I’m all for checks and balances and give and take but things swing so wildly now. People just got extreme to extreme. No giving up a little comfort to allow others to have a little too. He committed the acts while as president so he rightly should be held accountable for his actions while he held office. It’s not null because they happened at the end of his term.

  23. GOP Senators…signing and OATH…to be impartial, in a trial…against Trump…is a complete waste of time and is immoral !!! Backing Trump…they broke their OATH of Office !!! "man over country" !!! The GOP has no ethics…no honor…Trump…McConnell…McCarthy…can't save them…only shame them more !!!

  24. The greatest theme of history still is and perhaps always will be , the unending story of men's efforts to reconcile order and liberty, the two essential ingredients of a truly Great civilization.
    ~ i don't know ~

  25. His middle name is peachy

  26. Rand paul is the biggest racist

  27. GOP deliberately delay trial to excuse trump criminal behavior and acts after trump leaves office…so officials get away with break usa laws…when it going to stop? It has to stop somewhere to prevent future corruption and chaos.

  28. Republicans are just awful. They didn't think it was a waste of time to impeach Bill Clinton for having a consensual affair. There is much more work to do to get these a**holes voted out of the Senate in 2 years.

  29. GOP = Gutless Opportunist Pantemine

  30. So in these higher levels of Government, you can commit a crime as high as insurrection and your friends can get you off?

  31. They can't be jurors when they knowingly have a bias – standard procedure for juries. If we are asked to be on a jury and show bias, you are kicked out immediately. Get a new jury and set the example like you should.

  32. It's not even LEGAL for Senator Leahyto be the "Judge" for the Impeachment trial! It's a conflict of interest!

  33. Trump is a menace. He will never stop trying to undermine the strength and sacredness of the United States Constitution. Given the chance Trump and his followers will lead the United States into a state of being much more backwards than it was before the Civil War. Hitlers Germany just without the camps. I hope. Oppression, public murder, fear, and chaos. How blinded by empty power are these falsely pledged men of the Republican Party? Or is there a reason that the average American does not know about future plans for America? Such uncertainty rings fear in the heart of America. We are living on the fringe of of oppression by rich entitled old White Supremacist in high office. Impeach Trump and help America hope for a safer future.

  34. There is no unity without truth ! No Truth, No Trust ! No Unity ! AMEN

  35. So, why isn’t this handled like other crimes? Why doesn’t a judge and jury decide guilty or not guilty??

  36. I hope that they believe we are all paying attention
    Rand is the second most worthless person in office
    Maybe when this is over
    We can all make a list of those that should never get another vote for anything

  37. It's not like Biden has big shoes to fill, but that's ok.

  38. To some of them, this oath will mean about as much as their oath to the Constitution. 🙁

  39. u will NEVER EVER end Racism… lmao

  40. Brainless Democrats. Hey focus on building up America with your Transgender policy rather than on the invalid impeaching of a private citizen.

    Your vengeance is so great that you all are destroying America.

  41. Talk about violating the 6th Amendment for a fair trial…..perhaps, Hitler's judge will be presiding is all we need, oh, he is here.oops. You can bet they don't want Trump talking about the Dems' corruption practices.

  42. Thanks Mr Holt!!! Always informative. I can't say enough.

  43. The swearing in means nothing to spineless insurgent republican that allow terrorist to attack the 🇺🇸

  44. Why does anyone still listen to Rand Paul,?!

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