Friday , September 24 2021
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Serious Setbacks Across U.S. With Covid Infections & Hospitalizations

There is continued concern over nationwide surges in Covid infections and hospitalizations, which are unraveling months of progress on the pandemic. Major hospitals are preparing for new influxes of patients. » Subscribe to NBC News:
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Serious Setbacks Across U.S. With Covid Infections & Hospitalizations


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  1. This is a lie it's a set up they want to sell more vax it's money for the rich.

  2. they want it, they get it.

  3. Tell everyone the truth that vaccinated people are getting the covid delta strain also.. quit pushing the vaccine

  4. Just more Lies and Fear Mongering

  5. How did America survive in 1918 with basically zero treatment or vaccines?

  6. We've heard this nonsense before. Millions we're going to die. Hospitals would be overwhelmed.

  7. The end result of political craziness … let me guess which party's fringe element ??

  8. How is this so high when a break through vaccine was created .

  9. All Trump supporters states !!!! Dam smh … listening to Trump is costing you your life !!!!!

  10. close the border it's a health crises

  11. Maybe you should just check with the owners of the patent on corona virus what thier plans are for you

  12. They show pictures from the hospital and there are still idiots who think that covid-19 is fake.

  13. Why aren’t they talking about the Deaths & Infections of the Vaccinated? Please read the Historic Document, This Is A Bio-Attack Alert, by Dr Robert B Strecker, to better understand the Truth about Vaccination Programs.

  14. Do not get a covid shot, I need you to be a statistic so I can tell my friends how good the vaccine works by protecting the vaccinated. Remember be stupid and no shot.

  15. We're not gonna take it

    Oh no, we ain't gonna take it

    Guess what, I've got a fever
    And the only prescription is more cowbell
    Couldn't leave here without this one now could we?

  16. im tired of hearing about covid. honestly.

  17. Well the anti-vaxer crowd is really quiet now 😀

  18. Anthony Fauci and the Surgeon General used the best information they had, from a hundred years of studies, to tell the world, publicly, that masks did nothing to stop the transmission of viruses. They said that wearing a mask is a false sense of security.

    Only once the Agenda was exposed to make this a lasting pandemic, did those people change what they said.

    The best science and medicine is that masks are a false sense of security and they do not stop the transmission of airborne viruses!

    Have you seen what doctors and scientists wear to protect themselves from viruses like Ebola? They wear fully enclosed, protective suits, with their own oxygen source… that’s how you stop the transmission of a virus.

    It is quite obvious that some kind of agenda is being pushed. The FDA has not approved the vaccines, because there have been no long term tests performed… and there have been numerous negative health consequences associated with the vaccines… heart problems being one in particular.

    There is a push to reduce the human population… I would suggest that this pandemic is being used to help that!

  19. i hope atleast 70% of those people attend miami hip hop festival get covid and dies

  20. Be ready Everyone, Judgement Day is too soon. Month of August is the Scheduled. We cant stop Gods plans. Its already planned. All we need to do is Pray harder for our souls.
    Expect more disasters coming this coming days. Worst Covid Outbreak, Typhoons, Floods,Earthquakes, Tidal Waves&Tsunames, Volcanic Eruptions will happen this year.#MessengerandServantofGodHere

  21. I dont believe it..its all fake news..the fuckn government wants us to have fear.

  22. Thought countries vaccinated with western vaccine is safe from Delta, and vaccine efficacy from west is best on earth.
    And USA 🇺🇸 with over hundreds of millions vaccinated still see increasing infection rates.
    What’s going on?

  23. Nothing but lies on the media BULL🤬 Dr. Fauci is a f@#$ing false prophet

  24. dr. fauci created and personally released
    a bio weapon of mass destruction
    and tried to cover it up
    Fact Checked : True ✔️

  25. Unvaccinated ppl don’t deserve treatment, they deserve to die. No point in trying to save someone who doesn’t want to be saved.

  26. Please FINISH up your ‘shadow work’ for the Lord is coming soon…


    “Vaccine Saves”? Plastered Across His Chest of all areas 💚 Woooooow….

    I guess He is “darkening the minds of the wicked” bc they clearly are suffering from BRAIN FOG.

    🦠 Backwards = DIVOC: “Possessed by an evil spirit; divorced” + FAUCI: “Sickle; reap or harvest” #Revelations13&14

    Not this Experimental Vaccine.
    Be a HOST to the Holy Spirit- not Covid.

    Legit a WICKED example of “product placement”….reflecting an “abomination of desecration” on God’s Altar!

    Peace be with you brothers & sisters of the LIGHT🧿

  27. Nurse Kristi Simmonds now uncontrollably shakes after being" vaccinated "
    Her life's flipped upside down and is suffering greatly. And she did it to help her patients
    Angellia Lynne Desselle went paralyzed after the vaccine
    . bad heart now. And is scared.
    her bloodwork shows nothing wrong

  28. Sad, they were making such progress there

  29. That's mean US vaccines are useless

  30. The biggest threat is not the Delta variant. It's the Fox News variant.

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