Tuesday , June 28 2022

Several Dead After Iran Building Collapse

Several people are dead and scores more are trapped under rubble after a building collapsed in the Iranian city of Abadan.
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  1. Do not support weapons of mass destruction, and negotiate with the USA in a nuclear deal. Do not join sides with Russia or China. This is your warning.
    Archangel Michael

  2. Why can’t I see any good news today . I’m sorry for the families that lost a loved one.

  3. Rest in peace to the victims.

  4. Amazing to see civilians partaking in rescue efforts, a real Christian all hands onboard spirit

  5. Cheap labor cheap materials from china 🍺🇺🇲

  6. This one was so maddening!

    The founder of this building was a supposed charity founder and stuff BUT he paid money in order for the Building to be accepted to the mayor stuffs … and before that an engineer (Whose work was to check out building's safety and standard) told this building was NOT safe and standard!

    But money and bribe mattered more for the mayor and its office than ppl safety! and well… now so many are dead and some ppl fates are unknown

  7. Whoever made this building and approved it must be hanged.

  8. a before an after image would have been nice

  9. The competence of the Iranian people is more than this bad government. We must help Iranians find freedom and opportunity. Things that never find this government.
    Diplomacy with the Islamic Republic of Iran has failed yet again. The time is now for Biden to pivot back to maximum sanctions, isolate the Regime and stand with liberty seeking Iranian people.

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  11. may they rest in peace 🙏

  12. Let me guess now they're going to send n50 billion dollars now of eight of our hard-working money

  13. Iran will blame Israel for the building collapse

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  16. Terrorism by the terrorist

  17. That israelli building company Miami did it. mo$$$ad

  18. NBC is a treasonous organization. Hope yall pay the price.

  19. You sure it wasn't a misguided Russian missle?

  20. Did it really collapse on its own. Day after soldier assassinated. Couple days after Israel struck syria

  21. La mejor parte es ver a LYNELLEE.Uno se da cuenta de lo locom que es el fandom real.

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  24. About a year ago it was Florida !

  25. Why is NBC News covering up the Sussmann trial