Friday , January 21 2022
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Several Philadelphia police officers injured in shootout | USA TODAY

Philadelphia police are on the scene of a possible shootout in the Nicetown section of Philadelphia. It’s happening along the 3700 block of North 15th Street.

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  1. I don't know what's worse, the fact that this is a huge distraction or that the left is going to use this for "gun control".

  2. What part of the Trump Administration controls the Federal Prisons don't you understand? . Who cares what Clinton does? Donald Trump is Bill Barr's boss. And he only banned Epstein from Mar-a-Lago, not from associating with him. Listen carefully to what Trump actually says about Epstein.

  3. I wonder if the police will pay the media to cover other stories???

  4. Bring in the sharpshooter put him across the street perp raises his head to fire at cops. Drop him save the tax payers millions.

  5. Wow I can not belive this is happending 🙁

  6. He will become a local hero and lionize by the negro community.

  7. The cops should've drilled enough bullets in the low life perp' so that he looks like cheese cloth in a casket. Piece of Garbage. 👺👺

  8. Good morning America what's going over there. Shooting after shooting.

  9. It's said that there are human rights people in it, because they oppose the U.S. Act and the police do not have an arrest warrant to purge the political opposition privately.

  10. Hope this doesn't make gun grabbers go all Stalinist against law abiding citizens.


  12. Nothing more than another FEMA drill reported as a real story to get the brain dead masses behind gun confiscation…. oh yeah and to direct your attention from Epstein.

  13. Good Job Mr Police Killer!!!!!🤛🏿💪🏿✌🏿🔜

  14. I troubles me to see so many people think the shooting problem will just go away if we ban guns. They did that in Brazil but the bad people still have em. The lawful people loose their only defense while crime runs wild. Drugs are illegal so I guess there are no drugs in America. Driving drunk is illegal so nobody does that. Speeding is illegal so there's no speeding tickets. I guess you're right, we should ban guns that'll fix everything. Bunch of stupids !

  15. I think we should all stop paying taxes tell epstein and all others are brought to justice who is with me .shut them down lets stop paying there bills tell they do what we want then to do there job.

  16. Why would they serve a warrant at 430pm ? You got people coming home from work, something ain’t rite with this story.

  17. If you ain't born to kill..then your born to be killed. Kill or be killed. Which do you prefer..that's what I taught. Kill kill kill..Cops are thugs with a badge..they lie..are racist..they get what they deserve. People should do this more often..yes you should defend your selves because cops are gonna win no matter what the situation..go out with a blast..take out as much as possible. Kill or be killed. Kill or be killed.

  18. He aint gonna make it to jail if he black. They gonna pullem out alive then kill em. Just cuz

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