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Shane Warne's top wickets on Aussie soil: 10-1

Here it is, the top 10 wickets taken on Aussie soil by The King of Spin, Shane Warne. He took a total of 453 wickets representing Australia on home soil, and we’ve narrowed it down to these 10 as the best of the best


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  1. No any other leg spinner is anywhere close to warne he's a masterpiece

  2. When warne balls the Australian pitches look more like Asian pitches

  3. All time best spinner. But not much success against India as indian batsman read him very well.

  4. There are some real gems in amongst that lot, some of those batsmen had no clue at all, why would you let a ball land in the rough hoping you knew how much it would just moronic some of those "shots" if you're going to kill the spin then use your feet laddy.. loved hearing the greats of cricket commentary there, and Warnes various haircuts over the

  5. really bra?do u really think that hat-trick ball deserves to be in this list?

  6. Are you going to do top 50 away from home

  7. The greatest legitimate bowler…

  8. Love it Number 700 WOW And Also against the Andrew Strauss amazing love from Pakistan to the The Legend Mr β™‘SWβ™‘

  9. He has done it between d legsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  10. Wow … Not even one indian wicket:)

  11. or maybe top sex position on aussie soil ☹

  12. At –3:11
    Umpire Hadn't Noticed That No Ball

  13. "He's done him between his legs"πŸ˜‚

  14. Just watch one of his wickets and the rest are identical

  15. Warne was the main pillar of THE INVINCIBLE AUS

  16. Nowadays leg spinners are afraid of bowling around the wicket coz they know that they couldn't get the vicious spin that warne produced

  17. Once in a generation bowler.

  18. Never seen so many world class batsman bamboozled.

  19. He is a great bowler. No doubt about it but there is not a single Indian batsman in his top 10. We had some great legends against spin bowling during his time.

  20. Loose morals of a genius 😈

  21. Shane warne can make any pitch a bowling pitch

  22. @7:00, Ray Martin getting amongst it!

  23. The drift he got was equally amazing as the spin. You can't play that. All the Aussie batsmen are thinking, 'Thank God you're on our team'.

  24. The best ever leg spinner ever and will not be beaten for a long long time.
    That ball to Kallis @1:45 was the best for mine. It was so well flighted like a lollypop and Kallis had it in his sights like a beach ball I am so sure of it ..
    .. UNTIL the very last split second when it dipped and drifted to leg in the air and pitched on the rough throwing up some turf and went through his bat and pad .. just totally AWESOME.
    Kallis was not forward enough for the defense and this would have contributed to the problem as well .. but that dip and drift was just too good.

  25. Just one world "Genius". World Might not see another spinner like Warne again.

  26. All english batsman, he cannot get indian batsman out

  27. Beautifull video. Thanks for this! Loved this series. More such vids please.

  28. I see this and I remember dravid and laxman hitting warne against the spin and out of rough for boundaries. Those were some legendary batsman

  29. Stuart Macgill was the greatest spinner

  30. If he's the king, then who's Muralidharan? King of kings.πŸ’₯

  31. Only bowler to take 500 Wickets on winning cause πŸ’ͺ legend

  32. Wow, was watching each wicket with great anticipation for the Strauss wicket. And you kept it at number one. You think a lot like me, Cricket Australia!

  33. It is always a pleasure to witness the king of spin Shane Warne taking his 700th wicket in the test career through a ripper delivery to the English legend Andrew Strauss.His other wickets were also a delight to watch as the bowl drifted and sometimes turned to bamboozle the batsman.

  34. Saeed anwar with such high bat lift was a sitting duck in front of warne.

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