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Shane Warne's top wickets on Aussie soil: 40-31

The King of Spin Shane Warne claimed a total of 453 wickets representing Australia on home soil, but we’ve narrowed them down to his top 50! Keep an eye out for the countdown each day on cricket.com.au


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  1. I love whenever Richie Benaud sees Warne's magic and immediately describes its nuances.

  2. Warne precisely used the PITCH CRACKS to swing the ball. All the big swings came after hitting the CRACKS 🤐

  3. Congrats australia for retaining the ashes england was unlucky that joel wilson was not around to help them. Lolz

  4. please do this for all great players!!!

  5. This is the best. Thank you

  6. That wrong-un (#37) still confuses me, even in slow motion.
    What a delivery!

  7. Lets appreciate gilcrist behind the wickets..
    he was brilliant..

  8. Adam Gilchrist 👏👏.. literally, had hands behind these successful bowling by warne👌👌

  9. He wasn't any mystery spinner. Actually he was the most easiest spinner to read and over 70% of his deliveries were leg break. And before every series he would analyze his own bowling and he would describe how to play them. There are 3-4 youtube videos I've found of his own bowling analysis while he was playing. I get the fact wasim and muruli analysing their bowling after retirement, but while playing who does that? Still ended up taking 700 test wicket 1000+ international wickets and conquered.

  10. "Ok google" notify me when the channel uploads top 10-1 video.

  11. I wish he could've used the googly more often. He went with the flipper instead.

  12. Looks like sun is shining down under already. Warnie continues to mesmerize even to date. Love from India!

  13. I've seen all of the same Warne wickets again and again but these clips have some unseen gems from the master. Thanks cricket.com.au

  14. Even if the bat clipped the ball, #37 was a great googly!

  15. There is some other great legys but warney is at different level…

  16. ❤💚💯Superb bowling from legend

  17. 2:32 watching the dust fly is so satisfying 😍😍😍

  18. Australian pitches used to very fast and not helpful for spin at all even then Warne was so successful, Murli averages 19 at home and 27 away, Warne average 25 some thing at home and 26 away, Both are Legends but Warne is certainly number 1, he is always unanimously picked by everyone,
    he is completey orthodox
    with Murli being completely unorthodox

  19. Lol Even a wider flipper got Cullinan.

  20. Shane Warne inspired me to bowl leg spin

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