‘She said it the best’: USA TODAY’s new Beyoncé reporter backs Tina Knowles’ clap back #Shorts

USA TODAY’s Beyoncé reporter Caché McClay appeared on CNN’s “King Charles,” where she defended Tina Knowles’ stance against online criticism of her daughter.

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  1. Folks are upset b/c Beyonce's significant white ancestry due to her also being a descendant of white American men stood out when she was luminously lit wearing all of that silver. Ms. Tina & Beyonce are visibly mixed. Deal with it.

    Also, don't nobody want to see any more articles about visibly mixed Beyonce like the one released today by a visibly black woman named Nicquel for CNN. Those visibly black women in that article should not be identifying with Beyonce to that extent b/c they do NOT have significant white ancestry.

    Points were made about India.Arie b/c she is unambiguous racially black. However, it's ridiculous for them to pretend that the racism & colorism conversation surrounding these 2 women's photos is comparable b/c Ms. Tina and Beyonce's MIXED-RACE GENETICS & PHENOTYPE are vastly different from the majority of unambiguous visibly black women in the USA and world.

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