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Sheriff Briefs On Pensacola Naval Base Shooting: 'Our Community Is Secure' | NBC News

Sheriff David Morgan held a briefing on the shooting at a naval base in Pensacola, Fla. He confirmed four have died including the shooter and multiple others wounded in the incident.
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Sheriff Briefs On Pensacola Naval Base Shooting: ‘Our Community Is Secure’ | NBC News


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  1. Democrats plan, take all the guns away from the military

  2. They will stage anything to get your guns! No fighter jets on 911 coupled with a Cheney stand down. Wake Up America ~ What is left of it?

  3. Why does law enforcement make statements like "Our Community Is Secure" and "The community is now safe" because, as we all know, they do this EVERY TIME people are murdered, then, they do it again the NEXT TIME people are murdered… and on and on, ad nauseam. If communities are "secure" and people are "safe", why do people keep getting murdered, killed in car accidents, etc.? If it was so easy, why didn't you just make the community "secure" BEFORE this event? What? They just never thought about it?

    There is NO PLACE in the UNIVERSE that is "secure", and nowhere that people are "safe". Death and destruction is a CONSTANT; always has been and always will be. Quit lying…

  4. Can't trust anything that these reporters say they have a anti American agenda

  5. maybe bc of dishonorable decisions like condoning actions like the Galagher maneuver ?

  6. Awesome! Things back to normal in the USA, I mean a week without a shooting in the USA is extremely odd. Thank you, God for Guns and Country.

  7. Ho hum…another day another mass shooting. We as a country no longer care how many get killed. A sad state of affairs

  8. Why are there so many shootings in the U.S.A?

  9. Allah never tell anybody to commit murder.This is anti-Allah !!!

  10. if shooter was not Saudi officer instead was North Korean or Syrian Donald the duck could condemn North Korea or Syrian President but when come to Saudis does teror attacks harm americans spinless Presidents can not say Saudis are Terorist , instead they keep licking Saudi Kings Rears and Blaming some one else .

  11. 😄. Shooter 😠me. I took the gun from the shooter lol not real
    👕. 👕🔫
    👖 👖

  12. This guy can make moves. The way the guy speaks truthfully and respectfully alone simply makes me not want to interfere. The way there is sincerity in his voice and what he says shows humility. Yes he's a big shot with big people backing him up but he's speaking to us without pride and etc.

  13. Saudi military member was the shooter

  14. Wheres the proof? Surveillance cameras? …..So help me god

  15. Jews are behind the coup attempt against America and Trump. Wake Up America! Look at who your masters are.

  16. active shooter and to many people in back ground means it just a drill!! notice all school shooting has the same story!! camera guy always seem to be the first one there!

  17. I pray for the grieving families .. and that radical Islamic terrorists and its ideology get put to justice.

  18. Here we go with more "GUN CONTROL"

  19. Why did Trump EXEMPT the Saudis and Egyptians from his Muslim ban ? ANOTHER bad decision.

  20. May the blessings and peace of Allah be upon you all………

  21. Funny to the DEMOCRATS again will make the story about the gun not that it was a terrorist attack

  22. Another terrorist attack the media will cover up it will be gone by MONDAY

  23. I believe that sheriff did an awesome job on speaking on the behalf of the incident. Prayers to a the individuals families who were injured an taken away GOD bless

  24. This unfortunate incident is all over the news unlike the Pearl Harbor shooting. Who is the pearl harbor shooter? Is he American? Now that we know so quickly that this shooter was a Saudi.

  25. The last place that should have gone 'Gun Free' is a military base. Proof that fear of reprisal is what keeps citizens from supporting and defending the Constitution as they swore to do.

  26. a horrifying event extremely well articulated by this sheriff. god bless the families associated with this event.

  27. God bless the sheriff's office personnel, all first responders and the families of the deceased as well as those injured by this wacko. And USN: when are you going to allow all military personnel to carry defense weapons? Look at the IDF for cripes sake.

  28. 自由美丽坚,枪击每一天

  29. How a press conference should be held kudos, thoughts are with my American cousins across the pond

  30. I had my MOS schools there in 08-09. Just took a vacation down there to visit again. Proposed to my wife at the top of the Pensacola lighthouse on the base.
    Sorry for everyone's loss.

  31. Hillbilly country strikes again KEKW

  32. This is the BS that you can expect when you let Arabs into our country. They can evade screenings and vetting just by claiming they're docile until they act. They will pretend to be your friend while stabbing you in the back. It really does put a shadow on who you can trust, even if they are pro American. I bet somewhere these two back to back shootings are connected to Iran.

  33. Active shooter activity seems to always go way up the closer we get to an election season. Hmmmmmm……………….

  34. Made" sure they were "Sleep catch them with their pants down, "Early morn , Unless they get up at that time.

  35. The gunman who opened fire Friday morning at Naval Air Station Pensacola in Florida, fatally shooting three people, has been identified as an aviation student from Saudi Arabia as investigators are looking into whether the attack is terrorism-related.

  36. What's going on first the incident ai Pearl Harbor. Now this .

  37. KKK, Small weapons, grenades, Trump mafia, extortionist money, no climate and 🌻🥀

  38. attention American citizens! turn in your guns! the police & military can keep you safe! Nevermind

  39. Imagine being subscribed to nbc

  40. Free Field McConnell! Unlawfully being held in Pierce County Jail, Wisconsin!

  41. There's good people on both side….lol

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