Sheriff calls on fish and wildlife commission to act on bear problem #Shorts

A sheriff in Florida is calling on the state fish and wildlife commission, and potentially the state government, to assist with a bear problem.

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  1. Find something more important to talk about other than 40 bear sightings in a year

  2. Bears arent the problem. People are the problem. Leave trash out. Leave birdfeeders out. And keep encroaching on the bears territory. You cant live in or near the forest and expect to not see wildlife. Take in your trash and feeders. The bears will look elsewhere for food. No need to kill bears because of stupid people. They deserve to live free. Not be killed for being hungry.

  3. Bears deserve to live at on other place and not be killed !!

  4. Just do a managed bear hunt. That's what most states do

  5. People move in to ruel places and then complain about the wild ones. Stay out of the wild ones homes.

  6. le problème cest les hommes

  7. Crossbow season in town on lottery. Works everytime

  8. Listen to the complaints of the people? Work for the people? So funny

  9. Humans should stop spreading our habitats to consume wildlife.

  10. Just leave the bears alone then or just bear with it 😂😂😂😂😂

  11. Florida just keeps building up building up and building up on the bears land. It’s disgusting. We as humans are disgusting killers. Stop building more trailer parks, and leave the bears their space.

  12. Why can’t animal control or game and wildlife patrol areas where they’ve been reported then tranquilizer them for relocation into one of the National parks?

  13. Start with bear proof garbage cans..

  14. Well killing them is NOT the solution. Remember that.

  15. They should do what NJ does. For a certain amount of time (2 weeks), they allow residents to kill a bear!

  16. I'm so glad I stumbled upon your channel.

  17. The bears need their space too, man just keep on Encroaching on their territory with out any respect for the animal.

  18. Pues es que han invadido todo lo de animales con casas y edificios etc y ahora los pobres ya no tienen su privacidad ni su tu eres ni nada

  19. Pew! Pew! Bears are dangerous.

  20. just a minor inconvenience