Sherrod Brown becomes second Senate Democrat to call on Menendez to resign

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) struggles to get his conference in line to prevent a government shutdown. Sahil Kapur breaks down the latest on the appropriations process and the growing calls for Senator Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) to resign.

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  1. Multiply Menendez issues by 100 to 1000 and you get the Biden family corruptionissues which are quite similar. Scranton Joe got money wired to his residence from China he won't explain. and MSNBC won't report on.

  2. Lame excuse, show the bank statements of withdrawal, No? That's what we thought!

  3. Bidens friend both are big time criminals.they the democrats stole elections too.but trump is the bad one

  4. URGENT: Menendez was investigated for helping corrupt bankers called Isaías from Ecuador who escaped to Miami evading justice in Ecuador for corruption . Menéndez has also had a certain relationship with the case of the Isaías brothers. According to press publications, in 2014 Menendez interceded with the US State Department to allow entry to Estefanía Isaías after allegedly lying on visa applications to take immigrant women to work as domestic workers in her family's mansion. parents in Coral Gables, Florida, as he had said they were his business assistants. Her father is Roberto Isaías, who was convicted of bank embezzlement in Ecuador in absentia for the Filanbanco case. The Isaias family would have made donations to the Menéndez and Democratic Party campaigns, channel 4 NBC New York reported on that occasion.

  5. Time for the republicans to clean house and get rid of the trouble making SOBs their not on America's side Their only interested in helping trump not governing our country

  6. As a Democrat I feel Menendez should resign. How do we get corrupt politicians to resign when the biggest dangerous criminal is running for President?

  7. Mendez taps Hunter Biden's lawyers ! That a confesstion of guilt in my book ! Tell ALL I need to know !

  8. Ethiopian 🇪🇹 GOD never sleeps.🙏
    America should not have the right to infringe on the rights of other countries without cleaning up its internal mess.
    This corrupt senator accepted three kilograms of gold and hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes from the TPLF and Egypt, and compiled false information about the Ethiopian government and presented it to the American president, causing sanctions to be imposed on Ethiopia repeatedly and the people of Ethiopia to suffer.
    Therefore, this corrupt person should be prosecuted and punished in the
    International Criminal Court (ICC).

  9. clean house of evil traitors rhinos

  10. Republicans didn't push Josh Hawley out for Jan 6… they sure would thank these dumb Democrats for pushing one of their own out.


  12. "The corruption of Donald Trump"???? Mind explaining to what " corruption" you're referring to? I hope you're not talking about those silly opinion charges as "corruption".

  13. Republican need to stop the crap and start workiing togather

  14. Leave him alone. He is just doing what any Politician does. Stealing and Prostituting himself.

  15. Democrat here: Hold Menendez fully accountable, no special treatment!

  16. Ladies and Gentlemen , the Commander of Perverts and Thieves of the DIVIDED STATES OF AMERICA , mrs and mrs joey biden . usa-rip 1776-2023

    MAGA – GO TRUMP ! Spread the Word copy and paste

  17. Let some of the indicted republicons resign first. And lets hold Clarence and Piggy Thomas accountable. He should not resign and even continue to take bribes just like the Reich wing republicons.

  18. Im sure they are. It means more for them

  19. Colored folk, don't sell yourself to the Democrat meal ticket, it's trash and God will punish you for being a slave to Satan.

  20. As a Democrat I say:
    Lock him in jail awaiting trial. No excuses and he has no defense. Lock him up!

  21. Esse should take the Trump defense: ELECTION INTERFERENCE et all😆

  22. Off with his head, Democrats can't tolerate that.

  23. No evidence stop complaining about democrats go after Republicans and trump

  24. Get rid og geriatrics in government and demand term limits!

  25. Menendez, Schiff, Brown, Pelosi, and Schumer all need called out for malfeasance.

  26. Tell the truth! It's blackmail holding us hostage to comply or they'll burn the house down. Defiant statements just calling injustices out is just cheap show without taking action.

  27. Menéndez forgot to give the Big Guy his 10%

  28. Democrats have to call for his expulsion. We can't call-out Republican malfeasance and ignore our own.

  29. Need to be calling on Clarence Thomas and George Santos to resign simultaneously

  30. The bogus impeachment is going to destroy McCarthy. Then it is going to destroy the GOP.

  31. Ohio calls on Sherrod Brown to resign. He is known well for domestic violence against his spouse.

  32. Can’t the Senate Democrats vote him out?

  33. Well I guess we will see how this Menendez thing plays out. Sounds like he won't leave voluntarily.