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Shield cricket banter prepped 'Lasagne' for Ashes heat

Nicknamed ‘Lasagne’ by England during his first-innings 74 on day one of the third Ashes Test, Marnus Labuschagne said it was nothing out of the ordinary, tipping his Sheffield Shield nemesis James Pattinson to shine on day two


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  1. Actually he was dead right. When this interview was done it was before England's first innings, so 67 all out definitely was a case of " If we bowl well we can knock em over!!" However, the fact they were bowled out for 67 makes the feat of Ben Stokes even more remarkable.

  2. Well played Marnus….good Aussie

  3. Marnus Laubachagne as opening batsman

  4. Lasagne scored more runs in his first innings knock than the entire English side!

  5. Aussies be like!!!—- Let me serve you— Bitch Lasagne

  6. “If we bowl well we can knock them over” – biggest understatement in cricket

  7. guess what the english are singing in the dressing room for 67/10. Hey maybe go take advice from dravid and Laxman.

  8. Australia 3-1 winning after 18 years & it will be a new era

  9. Marnus is doing very well as a replacement for Smith

  10. Well he knew what he was talking about; England just got ranned through 😊🤔🤦🏾‍♂️

  11. Good on you Marnus you saved Australia from an embarrassing total hope you have a great second innings

  12. Australia need to thanks South Africa. To produce marnus labuschangne for them

  13. Please labuschenge at 3 and smith at 4

  14. Good Replacement for smith..
    All the best for ur career

  15. Labuchange>Wade plz drop Wade for Marnus and bring smithy in

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